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We are soon releasing the full video review of Sandman Farm, a brand new episode by BSCN Video Reviews. In this episode, we will cover a brand new project in the DeFi sector.

In the next coming weeks, BSCN will frequently post new content about Sandman Farm starting with a full scope project video review and well-detailed article that will cover all the ins and outs of Sandman Farm.

This show will be hosted by Amro Bakraa from Saudi Arabia.

More information about Sandman Farm

(Also available on the medium page from Sandman Farm)

If you’re looking for a safe and secure yield farm in Polygon Network with dreamed APYs and a dedicated Dream Guardian Team, who is committed to growth, then you might want to take a look at

You can view their platform and additional details directly at although the space is relatively new, much is expected from DeFi projects.

We take safety aspects from years of learning from multiple sources. Always having as a major motivation the best gain for our community. Among the main features of our project, we can mention:

Stealth presale: We take ingredients from multiple launch strategies: stealth and presale. This way we improve security and community profit.

Vaults: We took farms and went one step further to help the community achieve higher profits.

Anti-bots: We are implementing bot detection techniques to safeguard real investors in our community.

Farming: For those who want the classic way to farm their coins, you can do it in this project.

Layers. Same as the comic, Sandman will have 7 layers. Those will be released over time after farming starts. More info to come.

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