EVIMERIA changes its mind like a girl changes its clothes

Yes, again another post about the “somewhat, promising project” Evimeria. If you thought that after our last post all hopes for EVIMERIA was gone then you might like the fact that they have now decided to (again) look deeper into the possibility of relaunching EVIMERIA on the BSC chain.

Personally, I have always been a true fan of the Evimeria project. Whether or not I am a fan of the brand however doesn’t matter. I have 0% hope for the future of this project due to the team that is behind the project.

Now don’t get me wrong, the team of Evimeria are not a fan of me either, they dislike the fact that in the past I tried to share my personal opinion and advice around their project. However due to me not wanting to take over their project, yet providing healthy criticism they eventually ended up claiming that Evimeria would shut its doors forever

You can read more about that in the post below:

However, Evimeria is changing its mind again.

Yes, we have heard the rumours first-hand that Evimeria has now decided that they will do another attempt to launch the EVI Charity project on the BSC Blockchain. If you ask me about my personal opinion, I do not have a lot of expectations for the future of Evimeria.

But everyone has the rights to create a cryptocurrency these days. My expectation is that they will not manage to get beyond the “concept stage”. This post is not to diminish their existence but to aware our readers that Evimeria has often changed its perspective on whether or not it would continue and this would not be the first time that they would claim another bright future for the Evimeria project.

No news updates, insecure SSL Certificate and more issues

The main website of Evimeria is currently not secured (21/05/2021)
The Evimeria website has not been updated for years and the products they are introducing on their homepage are no longer existing.


We wish the team and investors of Evimeria the best of luck with their new approach towards the future. Nothing but good hopes and energy towards them but my personal expectation is that this will not likely be executed the way the team behind Evimeria hopes for.

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