Zoro Inu was created with the desire to create peace in the world. When the war started, Zoro Inu team intended to give something to the countries that were suffering from the war. Team has connected with many charities to help the poor in the world and so Zoro Inu was officially born.

I. Overview 

1. Introduction 

Zoro Inu is a community-controlled Meme coin project. Zoro Inu’s aim is to develop solutions that make the crypto space safer and easier to understand for all. Zoro Inu will have an extremely special mechanism: Reward token holders of the project and Penalize token traders.

The deflation mechanism of the $ZORO token is as follows: 50% of the total supply of $ZORO will be burned, liquidity will be locked, the project team will implement the use of Anti-whale Encrypted Contracts.

Zoro Inu’s Liquidity Pool has been locked for 10 years and the contract token has been made available to the public. Thanks to that, within just 18 days, the project has gained more than 11,000 holders only and the market capitalization is about 9 million USD. In addition, the project also has more than 70,000 followers on Twitter and is followed by big names in the blockchain industry such as CZ, Mex, Brass, Coinsbit and Huobi Exchange.

2. Zoro Inu’s Mission 

Zoro Inu was born to lead a new generation of DeFi enthusiasts. The DeFi space is growing exponentially and many people know that this is the future of the financial system. In the future, DeFi will become an easier alternative to the conventional financial system and Zoro Inu is the key to leading you.

3. How does Zoro Inu work?

➣ Static rewards:

Static rewards can be used to solve a variety of issues. To begin, the quantity of conditional incentives is determined by the volume of token traded. As previous holders sell their tokens after farming with a high APY, this technique tries to relieve some of the selling pressure on tokens. Second, depending on the percentage taken and the total number of tokens held by the holder, this method incentivizes token holders to achieve larger support counts.

➣ Manual burning: 

The community will be rewarded through the regulated burning of tokens and the improvement of the achievement base. It is possible to track the conditions and amount of manual burning.

➣ Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP ):

The project has an operational function that brings benefits to the holders. First, the smart contract attracts tokens from both buyers and sellers, and then adds these amounts of the tokens to the LP to create a solid price.

➣ 12% tax for Buying / Selling:

Liquidity will be locked, the development team has given up ownership of the $ZORO contract and the team does not have any tokens. So this is a community-owned token.

Zoro Inu token holders will automatically receive 5% fees from every transaction that takes place on the Zoro ecosystem.

A 5% fee is applied to every $ZORO transaction, this fee will go to charities that support people in warring countries and to help grow $ZORO in the future. This is something no project has ever done before!

The remaining 2% will be burned by sending it to a dead wallet that no one can access. This feature will ensure that $ZORO remains deflationary and becomes more scarce over time.

II. Project Tokenomics

1. Specifications

● Name token: Zoro Inu.
● Ticker: $ZORO.
● Blockchain: BSC.
● Standard: BEP-20.
● Decimal: 18.
● Contract: 0x05ad901cf196cbdceab3f8e602a47aadb1a2e69d.
● Token type: Utility.
● Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 $ZORO.
● Exchange: PancakeSwap (v2), Coinsbit and Mexc

2. Token allocation

 Liquidity: 50%
 Burn: 49%
 Airdrop: 1%

3. How to earn and own $ZORO

Currently, only PancakeSwap(v2), Coinsbit and Mexc exchanges are listing $ZORO tokens. You can own $ZORO tokens by buying on these exchanges.

4. Wallet to store $ZORO

$ZORO token belongs to BEP-20, so it can be stored well in hardware wallets, exchange wallets and decentralized wallets (Metamask, C98 wallet, Safepal, Trust wallet …) 

III Roadmap

Zoro Inu has 4 stages and it is amazing that the project successfully completed the first 2 stages in just 17 days.

Attracting more than 1,000 holders
 Whitepaper 1.0 Release
 2,000 Telegram members
 Coinecko listing
 Coinmarketcap listing
 Contract Audit

6,000 holders
 Marketing campaign (Socials: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok)
 Attract 10,000 Telegram followers
 Marketplace website integration

40,000 $ZORO token holders
 Listed $ZORO token on small and medium exchanges
 New partnership
 Preparing to list on major exchanges

Interviews on TV and Radio
 Create NFT
 Android/iOs wallet with built-on marketplace

Another hot thing, the team is working hard to perfect Zoro Mask, a decentralized wallet with unique features by the end of April. 

IV. Charity campaigns

Zoro Inu team is currently calling on the community of more than 11,000 holders to buy an additional 10% worth of tokens per transaction, to donate to charity and help the project grow! PEACE

➢ FREE FOOD program is starting: t.me/Zoroinuworld/140
➢ Donate to Ukraine anonymously: t.me/Zoroinuworld/84

V. Summary

So with the above information, you have briefly understood the new Zoro Inu meme coin project and the $ZORO token. With the goal of becoming a community-oriented platform to develop solutions that make DEFI safer and easier to understand, the project promises to be successful and able to compete with “elder” Shiba Inu! 

Official Links:

Website: www.zoroinu.io/
Twitter: twitter.com/ZoroToken
Telegram: t.me/Zoroinuworld
Medium: zoroinu.medium.com/
Whitepaper: docs.zoroinu.io/
Github: github.com/zoroinu
Telegram group: t.me/Zoroinucommunity

Source : cryptodaily.io

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