Zoomies token: what is it and is it Legit or not?

Zoomies in a nutshell

Zoomies is a token but it’s also a passion, a desire and a need to do our bit to support rescue dogs.

There is estimated to be over 200 million stray dogs in the world and the team is immensely passionate about the doing something to start bringing some relief to their suffering.

In more specific terms, Zoomies is a deflationary, static rewarding, auto LP acquiring, charity token.

Zoomies has a growing list of established and trusted relationships with dog charities internationally and we already have a working relationship with ROLDA (Romanian League in Defense of Animals).

The Zoomies Smart Contract is being developed on the Binance Smart Chain, we have chosen to utilize the Binance Smart Chain for our purpose because it is one of the most widely adopted blockchains capable of building smart contracts on, it also has minimal fees and a very fast transaction settlement speed.

Every transaction of Zoomies (buy/sell) will trigger an automated protocol, a 2.5% tax will be redirected to a charity wallet, ready for donation.

The Zoomies team are working very hard to provide our investors with more incentives for buying and holding tokens that will include but are not limited to: Turning dogs in shelters into NFT’s so people can directly support a chosen dog, Tamagotchi style game where you can spend Zoomies to care and upgrade your digital pet, Fiat on ramp/stable coin trading pairs to allow for our less technically able investors to get involved. The Zoomies team will also be working with the charities to enable them to be paid in crypto, reducing fees. ultimately providing yet further support free from traditional transaction fees which could have gone to the dogs who need it! This is not all, these charities will be able to benefit much more from having exposure to the crypto market, meaning more doggies being saved every day!

Zoomies will also do all the vetting on the charities ensuring your money finds its way into the dog’s bowl.

Take a look through our whitepaper for more information!

Source: Zoomiestoken.org

About the Zoomies token and more

Zoomies is gaining popularity in the market to increase profit rate effectively. This highly in-demand platform provides you with the best quality-oriented, decentralized, and core efficient crypto tokens. Helping to bring convenience in gaining crypto tokens without getting scammed. Though you should not be surprised that your first impression of Zoomies may end unpleasant if you stick around too long in this project.

In the advanced technology, cryptocurrency is in high demand to buy within a limited price to enhance their profit efficiently. Crypto is designed in such a unique way to grab the attention of the audience. In this way, they will be more willing to buy the perfectly designed tokens from our desirable platforms.

Social media is the most used platform where people invest time to earn their living. Scammers are everywhere to fraud you through different hacks. But our trustworthy website will provide you with incredible service to make your dream come true.

Zoomies finance rate is highly rated on the Google browser because they are a team of top-notch professionals that will provide the emerging tokens with no signs of error. As far as observed, Zoomies team is dedicated to providing their customers with a better rate and returns for effectiveness. Having practical experience, they are emerging successfully to compete with our competitors while generating the highest revenue. Unicrypt has been used to lock liquidity just for your accessibility. 

Legit or not?

You may find many platforms with anticipation of quality-based tokens. Yet, you are confused as to whom you may trust and invest your money in.

Zoomies leaves behind a strong first impression and at first, sight seems to be a trusted platform registered with Google searching verification. You can satisfy yourself with their latest work experiences. Furthermore, their domain has a valid and authentic SSL certificate issued by Lets Encrypt on their website which you may be surprised how many websites have not.

It is highly assumable that you might be in an awful situation when it comes to trust issues with newly established platforms. Therefore, the presence of a genuine approachable “HTTPS” associated link will assure you with the providence of a secured connection just in case you didn’t know.

Zoomies is not likely to replace swap and exchange but ultimately positive alteration in the system’s value to provide a sustainable environment and queries solving virtual assistant that will provide its user base with strong explanations on how they aim to move forward in the future.

Zoomies Team has decided to take an alternative direction

At first, the team and at that moment in time founders claimed to stand behind the vision of Zoomies and that they would not disappear and move away from their project and community. But as fast things go, the team behind Zoomies have now decided to delete their accounts on Telegram, mute members who are questioning their decisions or actions they have justified the fact that they took quite some bnb away from the pools for the sake of the project and after that, they deleted their entire team section page on their website.

What looked like a sincere project, at first sight, is now potentially moving in the direction of a classic rug pull scam (though this has not yet been confirmed).

About the founders of Zoomiestoken.org

The founder’s Jay Ramos and Lewis Ramos had seemed to be involved in founding the Zoomies initiative As for the other founders Will and Connor Oakley Wase (Who seems to be the only one in the Zoomies Token project that you will easily find when you do a few google searches.

Final Thoughts

Dozens of new cryptocurrency tokens are offered to purchase and presales are arising all over the place lately. Zoomies is one of them and have succeeded in their hard cap goals of 300 BNB but are showing odd behaviour ever since and maybe have planned their pull back from the project from day one. Our conclusion is that it is to early to judge but that

What your personal thoughts of Zoomies are should be entirely based on your technical searches, however, if you are unaware of the mechanism of buying and selling a large number of tokens. In that case, you should visit the authentic, verified websites which will be top-ranked in the search browser.

Social media ads referring to purchase a token that will increase your profit in a minimum investment are not officially reliable for you. Because there are minimum chances to grow a limited profit within a short period, to buy demanded crypto tokens, you will need to download a wallet application for expediting your accessibility to an advanced level.

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