ZooCrypto World Set To Get New Attractions For 2022

PlaytoEarn Project Reveals Map Of The Zoo

ZooCrypto World, a PlayToEarn GameFi project built on Binance Smart Chain, revealed the roadmap for Q1 of 2022.

Lottery V1, Mega Meta Zoo, and a Zoo chain testnet and mainnet are the features players can expect to come out in the first quarter of the new year from the ZooCrypto World team. The roadmap was announced through their official twitter account on January 24, 2022

“Dear ZOO Warriors, The biggest updates are coming to #ZooCW, Q1 2022. See the Roadmap in the picture below. ZOO Crypto World works long term, and this year will be a blast! Thanks for all your support, to the moon together!” ZooCrypto World tweeted.


A Zoo Explorer, Zoo AMM, and Zoo Wallet, that is compatible for both IOS and Android, are other features that can be expected in Q1 of 2022. A DAO interface and new economic utilities for NFTs and ZOO wrap up the plans for the first quarter. 

V1 Update

Prior to the roadmap announcement, ZooCrypto World also released a V1 Update that recfently went live. The team took to twitter on January 19 to announce the update to their community.

“V1 UPDATE is LIVE on #ZooCW. This update will release NEW features: ZOO staking pools, Removal of non-native LP farms, Massive buybacks, Roadmap update for 2022, Bug fixes by node upgrades, and more! Read about the V1 update.” announced ZooCrytpo World.


The update included new features like the inactivation of non-native LP pools in the ZooCrypto World metaverse, like BUSD and BTC. A new staking feature also went live called the Zoo Cauldron. Players can now stake Zoo in order to get KEY rewards. The randomized buyback feature aimed to stabilize token prices through burning of Zoo tokens is back.They also released a new node to prevent missing card and rewards issues, as well as updating the DAO interface, which will go live on the 25th of January.

Some improvement and bug fixes also came with the V1 update. These fixes include the removal and updating of the Christmas theme user interface, and a refresh of the combat leaderboards. The update also fixed the xZOO bug in the OOE pool when staking ZOO.

What is Zoo Crypto World?

Zoo Crypto World is a project on the Binance Smart Chain looking to gamify Decentralized Finance or DeFi protocols such as swapping and staking. The project also features a mining system and PvP and PvE combat that can be accessed through the acquisition of its NFTs. The game incentivizes active players by giving out daily, weekly, and monthly rewards based on PvP or PvE gameplay rankings, as well as adding mining power bonuses if you collect a certain set of NFTs. 

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