Zilliqa Begins Trending As NFT Projects Bloom on Platform

The sharding blockchain emphasizes the growth of their ecosystem and it is paying off.

Upgrade to Mainnet and NFTs

The blockchain, Zilliqa, is riding the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) boom and has seen its coin price and total volume increase substantially over the last month. 

Culminating in a mainnet upgrade to v. 8.1.0 on August 30, many new projects have been launched to help boost the ecosystem. Their most recent quarterly report shows 180+ projects and partnerships have joined the ecosystem this year. 

NFTs appear to be the main catalyst driving growth, while the team from Zillqa confirmed a more holistic view of the chain.

“We’re definitely going big on the metaverse front, and will continue supporting our idea-economy and  ecosystem in various ways. Look [forward] to solidifying our support for creators this September,” read an official Zilliqa Tweet from September 3.

A look at the Zilliqa Twitter will show a constant stream of new projects and partnerships flowing onto the chain.

The high fees on Ethereum have scrambled users all around different blockchains. Behind parabolic growth in April, Zilliq has seen a steady addition of over 150k users each month. With over $1 Billion locked across all its Dapps, Zilliqa has become a home for myriad users.


Every A Hodler is a User

The platform was on fire the entire month of August. The mainnet upgrade at the end was just the icing on the cake. In early August, the team unveiled the key projects included in the 6-month ZILHive Accelerator program that seeks to boost initiatives on the chain. 

Zilliqa has also rallied behind an axiom lately that ‘every token holder is a user.’ The platform actively seeks to bring token holders to the ecosystem by offering enticing staking rewards like their ZilSwap exchange. The ZilSwap exchange recently passed a proposal, LIP-9, to improve the reward structure, liquidity, and volumes. The chain is looking to improve in any way that it can.

“In September, you can expect the launch of the creator fund identity and the expansion of the zilaverse team,” wrote Aparna Narayanan in the official August Newsletter. “This will include the development of an in-house production and content studio to strengthen our digital brand identity and develop a user-centric approach to seamless integrations for current and new users. You should also keep an eye out for some more generative NFT projects!”

The team is almost ready to launch their bridge as well. Zilliqa revealed in their August newsletter that all the tech upgrades are set, so it’s only a matter of time before we see that arrive.

Zilliqa has recently been recognized as one of the chains to watch out for by several different groups, including BeInCrypto. Times certainly appear fruitful in the Zillqa-verse. With sharding as a unique qualifier, the chain can surely continue to compete in the future. 

What is Zilliqa? 

Zilliqa was launched in June 2017 and is the first public blockchain to have sharding. Sharding is a technique used to support more transactions and increase scalability. The open platform was built with a sharded architecture as a second layer solution to address the scalability issue of blockchain technology. The core purpose of Zilliqa is to solve speed and scalability problems often find with blockchain networks.

Sharded technology allows thousands of transactions per second and hence improves the efficiency of the network. Zilliqa been designed with several useful features for developers and participants including yield farming for investors, Zilliqa staking, and DApps for developers. 

Where to find Zilliqa:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | LinkedIn

Source : bsc.news

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