ZeroSwap Soon to Launch its ZeeDO Platform Supporting DEX Offerings

ZeeDo empowers users to participate in DEX Token offerings in a fair and transparent manner, without any manual intervention in the distribution process.


Recently the fundraising process has become a highly competitive environment. The average users do not have both the speed and economic strength to participate. Most Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs) are oversubscribed instantly. The minimum requirement is starting to get ridiculously high awell. IDO these days seem to target elite users in the industry in an unfair manner. ZeroSwap will solve the growing concern and problem by launching its first-of-its-kind Dex token platform that’s part of the ZeroSwap line of product.

What is ZeroSwap?

ZeroSwap is a multichain compatible decentralized exchange aggregator. The team has a considerable focus on charging zero-fees on transaction costs. The goal is simple, provide trading access in a feeless and straightforward manner by connecting Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Elrond Dexes under one roof.

A specific core of the ZeroSwap platform is to reduce the friction encountered during fundraising. To do so, the platform has launched its Initial Dex Offering (IDO) fundraising platform called ZeeDO.

About the ZeeDO IDO platform

ZeeDO is a multichain IDO platform for fair token launches and fundraising. ZeeDO is the first-of-its-kind token offering platform that’s part of the ZeroSwap platform. It will bring the necessary tools and capabilities in taking part in token offerings in a fair and transparent approach. This is all done without any manual intervention in its distribution process. ZeeDO will bring stability and sanity by completely automating the process and cutting the time wasted by platforms in distributing tokens.

ZeeDO Features

100% fairness and transparency in the distribution process

No hidden cost

Chainlink VRF-powered randomizer to select and pick winners

Unmatched brand exposure with high liquidity provision

NFTs distribution

An experienced network of leading crypto marketers

ZeeDO Components

Providing a transparent and fair approach to fundraising using the Dex platform and zero-fee transaction costs enabled across multiple chains to facilitate these transactions. ZeeDO is optimized for high efficiency of operations, increased frequency of trade, and fundraising events.

ZeeDO Sneak Peek

An essential requirement for users is to stake a specific amount of $ZEE to participate in the ZeeDO platform. This will be set by the ZeroSwap for the first three IDOs. After the first three, companies are within their right to determine the minimum stake amount for users before participating in the fundraising event.

NFTs Distribution on ZeeDO

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a rapidly expanding blockchain activity. Projects will have to incorporate NFTs trading modules as part of their features if they want to stay relevant in the current ecosystem. ZeeDO have therefore introduced NFTs in their distribution module:

Users are given a Proof of Participation (POP) NFT as they apply to the token offering.

Winners will be randomly picked from POP participants by the Chainlink VRF randomizer, and a Proof of Winning (POW) token will be assigned to them.

After the POW has been sent, users will have the ability to exchange the tokens with the companies contract address, and the tokens will be sent to them.


Zeedex has partnered with Chainlink, using their on-chain verififable randomness tool..This oracle service has been famed for its 100% transparent price data and random selection. The chains activities are completley automated and open on the blockchain for verification by anyone. There has been no reported manipulation carried out on the randomizer since its first deployment. It’s the reason why ZeeDO is employing its tool to select and pick random winners of the offerings done on the Dex platform.

Following the ZeeDO platform’s release, the team has announced ODDZ Finance, the first decentralized option trading platform, as its first project using the Dex offering.

The token offering is scheduled to take place on the 18th of March. The platform will be in charge of the community distribution of $50k Oddz at $0.1678. Staking $ZEE is the first requirement in taking part in its first offering and all future offerings on the platform.

$ZEE tokens holders will have the benefits of getting 64% APR for 90 days when they stake their tokens right on the stake platform.

$ZEE Token

$ZEE is live on both the Ethereum and BSC networks, currently trading on Uniswap, Mooniswap, MXC, PancakeSwap, and multiple Dexes and Cexes.

To access the $ZEE Tokens and Bridge Interact with only these contracts and addresses:

ZeroSwap Binance Smart Chain Bridge

ZEE BEP20 Token Contract

BEP20 Bridge Address

ZEE BEP20-BNB Pair  

PancakeSwap LP Staking – 75000 ZEE in Rewards

ZEE ERC20 Token Contract

ERC20 Bridge Address

ZeroSwap Binance Smart Chain Bridge Guide


Quarter 1, 2021 – Eth to BSC Zee Bridge

LP rewards on Ethereum and BSC

Staking Contract for Zee

ZeeDO Launch

Quarter 2, 2021 – ZeroSwap Protocol TestNet and MainNet Relayers

ZeroSwap Protocol for Zero Fee Trade and DEX Aggregation

Liquidity Mining Contract

ZeroSwap Protocol support on Mobile Apps.

Quarter 3, 2021 – Governance Module for ZeroSwap Protocol

ZeroSwap SDK for Web and Mobile

ZeroSwap Protocol Mobile App

Bridge for PolkaDot, AVA and Elrond

Quarter 4, 2021 – Limit-Orders through ZeroSwap Protocol

Cross-Chain Trading Bridge

Market-Making Suite for ZeroSwap

ZeroLend for Zero Fee Lending through Zero Protocol

Exciting developments planned for Q1-Q4. Governance and multichain compatibility with Polkadot, AVA, and Elrond chains will increase ZeeDO and ZeroSwap platform usage. Multiple cross-chain bridges will improve compatibility and communication across the networks.

The introduction of limit orders through the ZeroSwap protocol will bring that feeling of a hybrid combination of both Dex and Cex abilities. The team is also building a zero fee lending protocol through the Zero Protocol. Users will have a lot of development to watch out for as the bull market continues onward.

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