ZeroSwap Project Review: A Zero-Fee & Gasless DEX Aggregator

This protocol is developing a multichain DEX, which offers users liquidity mining rewards, IDO’s, and DEX aggregation, all in a completely decentralized manner.


Traditional AMM’s have their drawdowns revolving around market depth, fees, and UI/UX.,  a multi-chain protocol, aims to solve these issues with its DEX Aggregator, allowing for seamless token swaps.

One of the core utility of $ZEE is to reduce friction in fundraising using digital assets. In order to facilitate activity around this, they have been building an initial dex offering platform named ZeeDO. They are in the process of on-boarding multiple start-ups towards raising funds through ZeeDO. The dex offering platform itself will help platforms, onboard users, in a 100% transparent and fair manner.

Key Features

–Decentralized and Permissionless Token Swaps

–Frictionless Transactions 

–DEX Aggregation

–Dex Token Offering

–Liquidity Incentives

Frictionless Transactions

By leveraging meta transactions, ZeroSwap will offer gasless transactions; in the future, this will be done initially by the ZeroSwap team, who will bootstrap the initial gas fees. Not only can users trade gasless on the Binance Smart Chain, but they can also leverage this on Elrond and even the Ethereum network! In short, ZeroSwap has incorporated a tokenomics model that mints tokens to distribute to relayers (transaction verifiers) to subsidize the transaction fees.

Dex Aggregation

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ZeroSwap will also offer seamless DEX aggregation from multiple chains, including the BSC, Elrond, and Ethereum. This will be from one user-friendly UI/UX which allows users to swap on a plethora of chains without the need to refresh their browsers. The team at ZeroSwap plans to take DEX aggregation to the next level integrating frictionless transactions, an IDO system, and a market making suite.

DEX Token Offering

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Zeroswap aims to further the ZEE token use case, allowing users to participate in initial offerings in a permissionless and decentralized manner. This aims to capitalize on the screening process and the hefty fees required when participating in centralized offerings. On top of this, ZeroSwap will be issuing an unofficial vetting process before listing new projects. It is still important to note local and national regulations before participating in anytype of Initial offering, such as coin (ICO), farm (IFO), and decentralized exchange offerings (IDO).

For those who wish to learn more about Initial Offerings, check out our article on Initial Farm Offerings (IFO):

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Liquidity Rewards Incentives 

ZeroSwap will reward users with LP rewards programs.  The idea is that users who pool liquidity on any of the aggregated DEX on ZeroSwap will be rewarded in ZEE. These ZEE rewards will be distributed on top of the liquidity incentives provided from the AMM which the liquidity is provided on. 

Currently the have LP rewards program on Uniswap and on Pancakeswap.

LP Staking on Uniswap

LP Staking on PancakeSwap

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The first liquidity rewards program has begun on UniSwap, it started on January 22md, 2021, and it will distribute 600k ZEE tokens over a six month period. The first month has allocated an increased amount of tokens amounting to 200k ZEE, and the remaining 400K will be distributed at 80K a month. This system was adopted to reward the early adopters of ZeroSwap and their first liquidity program. Overall ZeroSwap users will earn ZEE tokens by providing liquidity through existing AMM’s while earning additional ZEE when swapping tokens! Be sure to earn while you can; the increased rewards only have eight days left. 

For more information regarding the UniSwap Liquidity Incentives, read Here.


ZeroSwap is currently working to build its flagship product, its multichain DEX, which includes ZeeSuite, a Market Making Suite for DeFi. This system allows developers and quant traders to integrate their systems into the ZeroSwap SDK easily. The order-book based DEX ecosystem will enable traders and CEX users to access the same tools offered to them from a centralized entity, yet ZeroSwap is entirely decentralized. This product explicitly addresses institutional investors who rely on CEX infrastructure to trade, allowing larger investors access to the De-Fi space.


As previously mentioned, ZEE is ZeroSwaps’s native governance token, which aids the shift from CEX’s to DEX’s. This token allows users to participate in protocol wide proposals that will decide ZeroSwaps future. But, this token goes much further in use cases; it incentivizes users to change to DEX by providing liquidity rewards, frictionless transactions, and access to the market-making suite. On top of these features, ZeroSwap integrates an Initial DEX Offering (IDO), allowing users to earn newly listing tokens through staking ZEE.


ZeroSwap aims to innovate the current AMM and AMM aggregator marketplace by offering its novel solutions to centralized and decentralized exchange weaknesses. The protocol aims to do this through their multichain DEX, which offers users liquidity mining rewards, IDO’s, and DEX aggregation in a completely decentralized manner. The team has also incorporated a solution that allows users to participate in frictionless transactions due to the future ZEE subsidies that will cover TX costs. 

As ZeroSwap continues its innovation, it will be a crucial protocol to utilize on Elrond, Binance Smart Chain, and especially the Ethereum Network. This team is developing rapidly, with over 2.2 million in funds backing the project. I am excited to access all these features that enhance crypto trading in a decentralized and permissionless manner!

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