Zerohybrid With Trusted Blockchain-Based Computing To Become The Infrastructure For The Future Digital World

The ZeroHybrid Network is a blockchain-based decentralized trusted computation network that will underpin the core architecture of the future digital world. 


The ZeroHybrid Network is a blockchain-based distributed trustworthy computing network that will serve as the digital world’s infrastructure in the future. Most contemporary Internet computing is untrustworthy since the network is still in the Web 2.0 era when everything is a centralized model and there is no policy or model to assure the accurate execution of the calculation process. 


Along with fire and the printing press, the internet is without a doubt one of the most transformative technologies in human history. Nonetheless, its centralized structure renders it corruptible and susceptible to manipulation. Contributors require huge amounts of computer space to sustain the network in current iterations of distributed computing frameworks. ZeroHybrid Network has created a decentralized blockchain-based distributed computing network that can become the key infrastructure for the future of digital interactions as a solution to this large-scale challenge.

ZeroHybrid potentials

ZeroHybrid Network, which is built by mobile devices, creates a trusted computing environment on computing capable entities such as PCs, servers, and mobile devices, and uses substrate to realize a multi-terminal and multi-architecture blockchain network that connects computing capable devices from all over the world to form a global trusted computer.

ZeroHybrid has developed a system that allows its digital infrastructure to function on mobile devices, making participation extremely accessible to the general public. ZeroHybrid has the potential to alter how society perceives computer networks in the future as the first mobile-focused distributed network and a trustworthy and safe method to operate online.

ZeroHybrid has collected a team of top-notch talents and a group of world-class investors to work together to build a world-class and universal trusted computing protocol network in the future. 

ZeroHydrid Usecases

Trusted Computing Resources

Smart contracts are executed in the TEE, using up computational power resources and depleting the running time of miners’ equipment. In contrast to typical blockchains, Zero-Hybrid smart contracts do not rely on consensus methods to execute. As a result, each contract runs in a single TEE, allowing contracts to be performed concurrently throughout the network. 

On-chain Computing

ZeroHybrid has developed a blockchain with a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) that allows users to efficiently execute smart contracts on their distributed computing network without relying on a consensus process. Users can perform smart contracts in parallel throughout the whole network by running the smart contract over the TEE. ZeroHybrid is able to provide its users base low-cost transactions with virtually immediate finality by utilizing Proof-of-Authority (POA) for on-chain computation, expanding on what currently existing alternatives can offer. 

Storage Resources

Another extremely important use introduced by ZeroHybrid is the ability to store large-scale computing data in an encrypted way. Although centralized companies promise to provide these services, nothing prevents your data from being hijacked, decrypted, or altered in other ways since they own it. Anyone may upload or access data that is completely secured using ZeroHybrid’s TEE without fear of accidents or leaks. 

Key Features

Tee Blockchain Fusion Framework: Trusted computing network based on universal hardware and blockchain

Hybrid Blockchain Network: A mix of mobile, desktop, server, and professional miners

Cross-Chain Interaction, Easy To Expand: Develop blockchain with SUBSTRATE based on

polka ecology

Low Threshold For Realization: Requires a mobile device with TEE for mining

Project Roadmap

Q1 2021

Complete ZeroHybrid Whitepaper

Submit Web3 Open Grants Application

ZeroHybrid Private Sale

1st Demo of Miner on Mobile

Q2 2021

Implement blockchain

Complete Web3 Open Grants Milestone 1

Launch the 1st testnet


Launch Ambassador Program

Q3 2021

Launch the 2nd testnet

The first version of the decentralized task distribution system

Implement UserNode for end-users

Submit the application of the Substrate Builder Program

Launch Bounty Program

Project Tokenomics

Token: ZHT

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 ZHT

Detail Distribution: 

52% ZHT Miner: Mining by mining in the form of a linearly decreasing number of blocks.

20% ZHT Eco-Build: LPO: 5%, Market Operations: 5%, Eco Bonus: 7%, Airdrop: 3%

20% Institutional Private Placement: Through Public Placement\Private Placement

5% Project Team: Unlocked every six months

3% Project Consultant: 25% unlocked before going online. 

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