Zeedex.io Project Review: Decentralized and Non-Custodial Limit Orders

ZeeDex is a decentralized exchange that boasts deposit-less and non-custodial limit orders, while simultaneously reducing trading fees on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks.

ZeeDex is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that sets itself apart from other exchanges using off-chain match making and on-chain settlement. ZeeDex boasts deposit-less and non-custodial limit orders, supporting both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks. ZeeDex aims to be the fastest, cheapest, and most transparent exchange platform in the crypto industry. 

For those who wish to take a peek heres an informative video overviewing the ZeeDex platform.


Trading on ZeeDex gives you some superior advantages; first, the user interface (UI) looks very friendly as the charts and order books are set up just like on a centralized exchange (CEX). ZeeDex also offers ZERO Gas Fees and limit orders for your trades on the BSC and meager fees on the Ethereum Network. Like any other DEX, you will need some $BNB on BSC or $ETH on the Ethereum Network to sign transactions with your wallet, allowing ZeeDex to spend your funds.

To begin trading using limit orders, select the desired market from the top left side on the page (1), punch in the expected price and the amount that you want to buy (2), hit the buy button (3), now sit back, relax, and wait for your bid to be filled.

Due to the platforms off-chain settlements limit orders are placed on the user end. This means users funds will always remain in their wallet versus using traditional CEX’s which take custody of tokens.


Another convenient function is the ZeeDex bridge function, enabling users to convert $ZDEX (ERC-20) tokens into $ZDEXb (BEP-20) tokens and vice versa. The minimum amount for converting is set at 250 $ZDEX(b), and tokens will be bridged (converted) at a 1:1 ratio. 

As more people gain awareness of the BSCs’ benefits, cross-chain functions will serve a crucial role of heavily reducing users gas fees and tx times. Specifically, users will bridge their tokens to a chain such as the BSC to avoid large trading fees, especially during high congestion periods on the Ethereum Network.

Listing Tokens

ZeeDex has two different exchange sites for each network (BSC & ETH). There are currently 25 trading pairs for the Ethereum Network and 39 trading pairs for the BSC. The trading pairs are denominated in either $USDT $WETH $ZDEX for Ethereum or $USDT $WBNB $ZDEX for the BSC networks.For the Zeedex Mainnet on BSC, any BEP-20 Token can apply for listing.

The ZeeDex team has outlined these basic requirements for listing BSC tokens:

Basic Requirements for Zeedex BSC Mainnet are as follows –

1. Must be a Bep20 Token (Binance Smart Chain)

2. Must have a Verified Contract Address

3. Must be a Utility Token, we do not list security tokens.

We will then do our thorough research, once approved and passed all requirements, it will get listed. We cannot guarantee all projects to be the best ones, but at least all of us will be safer as compared to Uniswap/PancakeSwap.

ZDEX Token

The $ZDEX token grants users a discount on trades when used to pay fees; the more $ZDEX you hold, the more discount you will receive. Users can receive up to a 40% discount on trading fees when holding over 40,000 tokens. As you can see on the table, a good portion of the total 10 million tokens is reserved for staking rewards, trade competitions, and other incentives totaling 35% of the max supply. Another 45% is used by the team for marketing growth and paying other expenses. Team tokens are time-locked over four years, releasing ¼ of the allocation per year. 

At the time of writing, there is a circulating supply of 3,161,300 $ZDEX tokens. The $ZDEX tokens can be exchanged at Bilaxy, UniSwap, Probit and ZeeDex

Discount on tx (on Ethereum)

Future Releases



–Lend-Borrow + Margin Trade

The ZeeDex team has multiple developments planned out for the first half of 2021. They plan to have “Staking Events,” Trading Competitions, and IDO’s (Initial DEX Offerings). 

ZeeDex will also develop their De-Fi product by letting other projects use the ZeeDex infrastructure to launch their De-Fi protocols. There are also plans to integrate onto additional networks to broaden ZeeDexs’ userbase further. The team aims to support a new block-chain in 2021, “Tron Chain.” 1. On top of this, ZeeDex has expressed that integrations for both futures trading and margin trading is planned to launch in late 2021 or beginning of 2022.

Source : bsc.news

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