YouTuber Outlines his $100 a Day Strategy on Play to Earn NFT Game Binamon

A user shares tips on making at least $100 daily on the Binamon Play-to-Earn NFT game via YouTube.

User Drops Important Update 

Tons of users have earned by participating in Binamon’s Play-to-Earn Non-fungible Token (NFT) metaverse, allowing users to fight and battle various creatures to earn rewards. Users have earned scores up to 4000+ BMON-Z1, which is the in-game reward on Binamon. 

To satisfy this claim, a YouTube user and Binamon player shared a video on earning $100+ per day. In the vlog, KudosForYou showcased a collection of his current Binamon card possessions obtained from several battles. Kudos explained how there are specific strategies for all users to increase their farming efficiency and maximize output against enemy creatures like wolves.

“You get what you invest. I spent like $800 and I get like $200 in return. That’s almost 30% ROI [Return on Investment] in just one day,” Kudos says towards the end of his explanation. 

The YouTuber definitely spends a significant amount of time to make this all happen. He detailed over 15hrs of work per day and showed numerous spreadsheets. He also dropped the tips on how to maximize your BMON characters by maintaining the cool-down period. 


A Quick Rundown 

Since launching on August 28th, 2021, the Binamon Play-to-Earn NFT game has seen tremendous success. The digital metaverse GameFi application on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has incentivized many users in the GameFi ecosystem. 

The application offers eye-catching gameplay while offering mouth-watering rewards. Binamon showcased its unbelievable earning statistics on Twitter. According to Binamon’s Tweet on September 3rd, the average user earns around $100 per day. 

Binamon Tweeted: “AVERAGE $100 A DAY. Our median average amongst #Binamasters #P2Egaming is ~$100 a day in Z1 tokens. Top players can, and are, earning $500+!” 


After recently celebrating 70K Twitter followers, Binamon exhibits signs of social growth, which is great news for even more adoption. There is more to come from the Play-to-Earn gaming protocol. Are you interested in Binamon? Read our write-up on how to participate and earn rewards. 

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