YooShi Updates Website, Prepares for DAO

YooShi’s new website ofers users a comprehsive overview of the project’s capabilities which is built on three main concepts.

YooShi: More than a Meme Coin

YooShi has updated its website with new features as the decentralized meme coin has grown into a GameFi and Metaverse project.

Yooshi made the announcement regarding the new development via Twitter on April 10. The new YooShi website informs users that YooShi is more than just a meme coin; highlighting the fact the platform is based on three core functionalities: 

The platform hosts an independent game incubator that functions as an accelerator for game developers, allowing them to raise funds for their projects by reselling in-game assets through NFTs that represent unique in-game assets.

Additionally, it provides a play-to-earn platform that includes GameFi LaunchPad, NFT Marketplace, NFT Mining, and Farms. 

Furthermore, YooShi has created a Play-to-Earn gaming guild alliance to help millions of low-income people earn more through “Play-to-Earn” games and attract more users.


dedicated NFT marketplace is offered on the YooShi platform for users to make use of their NFTs. YooShi also provides a mechanism for farming Yooshi tokens, which rewards holders of the YOOSHI token with 4% of all transactions fees. Additionally, YooShi NFT holders can leverage their NFTs for yield farming through the NFT mining pool.

At the time of writing:

There are 374,497 YooShi tokens in circulation at a price of $0.000000314. There are approximately 430,000 holders, with $1,088,912 in trading volume, and a market cap of $117,564,375. 

Additionally, about $13,888,560 is locked up in the liquidity pool. 

Furthermore, the NFT marketplace generated $55,133,126 in turnover with a total commission of $1,710,713. The NFT mining pool currently accounts for $14,068,199 in the pool amount

Since its launch in early 2021, YooShi has seen significant traction, culminating with a stellar 30-day performance in early November. According to a recent analysis by BSC news, YooShi is one of the top NFT and Games projects on the BNB chain. As per the website, YooShi will also be launching their DAO in the coming days to further grow their ecosystem.

From this point forward, as the YooShi project shows signs of continued growth, BSC News will keep a close eye on the latest developments happening on Yooshi to bring you the recent updates.

What is Yooshi?

YooShi is a Binance Smart Chain-based decentralized finance (DeFi) play-to-earn (P2E) non-fungible token (NFT)-based gaming ecosystem. It began as a memecoin and has since evolved into a cryptocurrency focused on the metaverse with various NFT functionalities. YooShi is the first initial DEX offering (IDO) platform on Binance Smart Chain for NFT-based gaming projects, earning it a spot in Binance’s Most Valuable Builder II program, which analyses hundreds of BSC NFT projects and selects the most promising.

Where to find Yooshi?

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram

Source : bsc.news

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