Yooshi GameFi Platform Continues To Soar In A Variety Of Rankings

Yooshi’s metrics have been impressive over the last few days, keeping it in the top echelon of trending tokens.

Another GameFi Platform Garners Attention

The NFT-based GameFi ecosystem, Yooshi, has maintained its climb to the top in several recent crypto rankings.

The rankings showed that Yooshi caught the crypto community’s attention in the past 48hrs. Earlier on September 7, Yooshi took the top spot as the token with the highest number of searches on CoinGecko.

Another report affirmed Yooshi’s trending status on CoinGecko. On September 6th, Lunarcrush ranked cryptos based on social media engagement. Yooshi was among the top 10 NFT projects with the most social activity.

Lately, the GameFi sector on BSC has had a surge of interest from the crypto community. BSC gaming platforms have posted stellar performances in user activity compared to other chains. Yooshi seems to be on a ride much stronger than just the BSC wave.


What Could Be Behind Yooshi’s Momentum?

From every indication, GameFi and play-to-earn projects get a good measure of attention from the crypto community.

Six out of the seven GameFi protocols with the highest monthly growth in users were BSC platforms. In a previous articleBSC.News reported how BSC projects contributed to a spike in the total volume of Binance Smart Chain transactions. 

That being said, Yooshi’s ecosystem, comprising a launchpad, NFT-based yield-farming, and a play-to-earn system, appears to be attractive to a growing number of users and partners. 


The platform currently has over 120,000 Twitter followers and more than 240,000 token holders. The numbers are pretty impressive for a microcap project. 

As GameFi maintains its strong growth, Yooshi may see its platform having more utility, leading to a further boost in its performance metrics.


About Yooshi

Yooshi is a play-to-earn NFT-based gaming ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain. According to the FAQ on the project’s website, Yooshi derived its name from the famous Super Mario video game.

Yooshi boasts BSC’s first IDO platform for NFT-based gaming projects. The platform recently got a slot on Binance’s Most Valuable Builder II program.

Additional information about Yooshi can be found in the project’s media handles:

Website | Twitter | Medium | GitHub | Telegram 

Source : bsc.news

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