Yooshi Community Steals the Show in a Tight Group B Finish to Battle of the Dapps

This week saw all three projects join and a poll race in the end that provided tense moments for two projects.

Battle of Dapps Group B Results

What an incredible battle we just had in Group B of the Battle of the Dapps. Three projects from Binance Smart Chain joined into a Twitter Spaces full of nearly two hundred visitors. The project went live at 18:00 UTC on 29 October, a week after Group A, which saw DeRace reign supreme. 

Following a slight technical difficulty from BinaryX––which caused a delay––all three projects were set for an exciting round. The project explored questions from BSC News host Andrew, as well as a select few questions to pry in between each other. 

The projects’ attendees:

Levyz –– Director of Global Marketing Binary X

Sato –– Lead Admin of Discord for Yooshi

Jenny –– CMI of HeroFI

A remarkable performance from all three projects created some tense moments at the polls. When polls opened, BinaryX and the great representation by Levyz saw them take the lead into 500 votes. But despite some terse responses from Sato, the Yooshi community came out in full force to support their project. 


In the end, Yooshi edged Binary-X, 55% to 42%. The final results saw 1,582 votes and nearly 7,000 Twitter engagements. 

Jenny, the CMI of HeroFi, put in a respectable showing despite being invited as a substitute at the last minute. HeroFi pulled in 2% of the vote. A majority of their following is in the Asian continent, which could explain the lack of votes despite Jenny’s great explanations. 

The power of social media and one more project than the previous group helped boost the event’s attendance. Either way, the Battle of the Dapps is growing and bringing excitement to the Binance Smart Chain community.

Next week, be sure to tune in for Group C, 18:00 UTC November 5th, where Binamon, Thetan Arena, and Dungeon Swap compete to advance. 

Source : bsc.news

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