Yooshi Announces P2E Guild Alliance, Link For All Gamers

Yooshi seeks to leverage game guilds for its benefit and those of low-income earners.

Yooshi DebutsGuild Alliance

Yooshi Metaverse has announced that it will launch a gaming alliance with other guilds in the play-to-earn sector. Yooshi is taking the game-guild concept further by bringing together separate guilds into an alliance.

The vision behind the alliance is to boost the earnings users make from play-to-earn games. The Dino-themed blockchain gaming Non-fungible Token (NFT) metaverse made the formation of the alliance known in a tweet on September 23:

“YooShi Play to Earn Guild Alliance is Here! P2E Alliance is the world’s first game guild alliance dedicated to Play-to-Earn”.

While a guild can achieve more than individual effort in a game, an alliance of guilds will achieve much more. By joining forces with these guilds, Yooshi is optimistic that more people can have access to the benefits of cryptocurrency, especially those in the low-income class. 


The platform disclosed more details about the alliance in a Medium blog post. According to the post, Yooshi’s allies include Unix GamingAvalon World Gaming, KappTV Play To Earn Community all based in the Philippines, as well as Malaysia-based Lorcan Gaming. 

The Inspiration

The surge in profitability and prominence of the play-to-earn platform, Axie Infinity, is linked to the impact of Yield Guild Games. Yield Guild Games is a Philippine game guild and helped to drive large user-traffic to Axie. 

The increase in traffic drove Axie Infinity on a parabolic growth towards becoming the first play-to-earn blockchain game to hit $1 billion in trading volume

Yooshi hopes to grow its platform by taking a cue from Axie Infinity and Yield Guild Games. Since its inception 5 months ago, Yooshi has built its user community to a strength of more than 250,000 members. On July 27 the platform successfully launched the first game on its launchpad, DNAxCAT

As Yooshi evolves into an integrated GameFi ecosystem, it hopes that the synergy from the alliance will bolster the platform’s growth whilst enabling its users to earn more and have fun.

An Overview Of Game Guilds

In the general context of games, a guild is a group of gamers who play together to achieve a common interest. They are quite common in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). 

Guilds make it possible for players to pool together their resources towards defeating challenges in the game. It makes the game progress faster and more likely compared to playing solo.


Guilds can be large or small. They may comprise of players who are close friends or players from different geographical locations who may not know themselves other than on the game platform. The unifying factor is a common interest of leveraging each others’ on-game and off-game resources for collective advancement in the game. 

In play-to-earn games, being a member of a guild makes gamers more likely to conquer game quests, putting them in better stead to earn more. 

The guilds will participate in game conquests as one team. Yooshi’s game guild alliance potentially would be able to achieve what each guild would have found difficult to achieve on their own. This will dramatically improve earning opportunities in play-to-earn games, and help Yooshi achieve its goal of helping millions of low-income people around the world increase their income through play-to-earn. 

Gamers are globally welcome to join Yooshi’s Guild Alliance. Anyone interested can apply here.

About Yooshi 

Yooshi is a decentralized NFT-based play-to-earn gaming ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain. It is the first BSC platform to provide a launchpad for NFT games. 

Yooshi also features an incubator for game development. It provides game developers with a design system and technical support for easier blockchain game development.

Want to know more about Yooshi? Visit the platform via these links:

Website | Twitter | Medium | GitHub | Telegram 

Source : bsc.news

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