Yooshi and DNAxCat Pledge Increased Security Following Hack

DNAxCAT faces a tough battle ahead to raise funds, but can the Yooshi community help rally the game?

Top Yooshi GameFi Attacked

The details of a hack from February 24 on the PlayToEarn GameFi, DNAxCAT, have emerged. The blackhat was able to make off with 3360 BNB––roughly $1.2 Million USD––from the top game in the Yooshi community.

The attack has so far been determined to be caused by the potential leakage of the private key to the community treasury account, according to the team’s Telegram response on February 25.  The team at DNAxCat has informed users they will be self-funding the reparations to lost funds and hope the community does not spread misinformation. 

“The remediation plan for the loss of is: The team will raise funds quickly to cover the 760 BNB loss firstly and the remaining loss will be made up weekly with a minimum of 200 BNB being transferred to community treasury,” DNAxCAT told their users via Telegram on February 24. “It takes time to raise funds and we hope communities’ understanding. We also hope our community don’t spreads [sic] false information.”


The DNAxCAT team was forced to transfer all the remaining funds in the community treasury to a new wallet for fear of another attack. The exploit puts a dent in the strong Yooshi community and caused the team at Yooshi to make similar adjustments.

“#YooShifamily, we felt sorry for what @DNAxCAT_GAME  and #DNAxCAT community experienced today which has given us much thoughts,” Yooshi tweeted on February 25. “So we decide to have a security upgrade for #YOOSHI community treasury and transfer all funds to a new wallet which will be announced later.”

The Yooshi community exploded onto the BNB Chain in late 2021. The community has maintained a positive outlook through its existence and the exploit to its flagship game is certainly a hiccup. 

The DNAxCAT team is preserving by implementing a new token burn and buyback plan to help boost life back into project. Lots of GameFi projects find it tough to recover from even small exploits. With Yooshi backing the game, it could potentially stay afloat. 

What is DNAxCAT?

DNAxCAT is a decentralized Cat metaverse game built on BSC. It is a digital cat pet world where players can raise and breed cute cats and fight shoulder to shoulder in the adventure world. DNAxCAT also has an economy where players can sell and trade their game assets into cryptocurrency. DNAxCAT leads the trend of GameFi and “Play To Earn,” allowing players to earn by playing games.

Where to find DNAxCAT:

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Source : bsc.news

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