Yoda Labs Weekly Digest: January 19 – 25

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Yoda Labs Weekly Digest

  • Great games are on the way in 2023 Says Animoca CEO
  • Unveiling of its trailer, Oath of Peak recorded pre-registration of 500k players
  • BigTime is going BIG with rewarding payers and holders
  • You can now play games using your Ledger wallet. Could this be the future?
  • 69% of respondents believe the metaverse will reshape social lifestyle – do you agree?
  • Web3 will push online gambling to grow to $300 billion, and investors are committing big $$$ to funds

Web 3 Gaming News 🎯🎮

  • As gamers begin to accept the dynamics of web 3games, Animoca Brands CEO, Robby Yung believes many great games are to come in 2023.
  • Oath of Peak, one of the most ambitious gaming projects in Web3 has over $20 million invested, reports the pre-registration of more than 500,000 players.
  • Generating more than 1 million monthly transactions, the biggest NFT-based strategy game on Polygon Planet IX,’ will join Chainlink BUILD programme to aid in distributing in-game goods at random.
  • Big Time is looking to reward NFT holders and active players in a BIG way. Their planned airdrop includes 100k Utility NFTs distributed over eight months based on Collectible holdings and game playtime.
  • With a proven track record of delivering games, the team behind game studio Spacewalkers is redefining how investors can share in the project’s profitability.
  • Metalands Alpha 2.0 will bring the first taste of Hybrid Battle Royale to the public and there is still time left to register. The FPS game introduces a new PvP mode adding a twist to the idea of battle royale.
  • Launching on 31st January, soulbound reward cards coming to Splinterlands. This new reward set edition is associated with Chaos Legion and consists of 43 cards.
  • Champions Ascension minting is now live for Prime holders with public free mint from Jan 26th featuring the second highest tier Characters.
  • Minting is now live for Prime holders with public free mint from January 26th. The second NFT mint for Champions Ascension is a free mint featuring the second highest tier Characters.
  • Having recently sold land plots and built on the BNB chain, the third city map for Mega World is nearly ready. Opening to players on February 15th special packs, new buildings, and cross-chain features will be made available.
  • Twitch founder’s ‘fractal’ gaming nft marketplace on polygon is launching with 30 partners and is looking to land on other EVM chains too.
  • Built on the Lyra engine in Unreal 5 and with the aim of becoming the Fortnite of web3, free-to-play FPS, FORA launches its first game and is inviting beta testers to participate.
  • Runner will exist as a comic book, an NFT profile picture (PFP) project, possibly a video game, and eventually a TV show under Unkeless’ production company Clubhouse Pictures.
  • Eyes on the prize, Delphi Digital is specifically watching these teams and games – should we be watching them too?
  • Cometh Battle is a card battle game with a twist. It needs a Ledger wallet and could position Ledger as an alternative gaming app store to Apple and Steam.
  • With their “Last Chance Saloon,” SinVerse has decided to give consumers one last opportunity to wager SIN tokens through a 2.5M SIN token prize pool, and whitelist opportunities for the land sale.
Now Live: Grab a WL spot via the Sinverse’s Last Chance Saloon staking event

Web3 Gaming Trends 🔥🚀

  • Is Tokenizing simulated live gameplay the future of web3 gaming? Having worked with Marvel, Lucasfilm and Disney Marc Seal CEO of Sortium certainly thinks so.
  • With Slot Hunter Casino leading the way, web3 technology has the potential to revolutionize online gambling by providing a secure, trustworthy, transparent platform for gaming.
  • Co-founder of Illuvium discusses the ability to engage a mass audience as casual mobile games are the easiest step into gaming. Is this a trend that everyone is missing?
  • According to the Delphi Digital 2023 report, long-term multiple company partnerships are becoming a trend to address the lack of an ecosystem of publishers for web3 games.
  • PlayFi monetization methods via metagames is the perfect approach for web3 games find out why.

Exploring the Metaverse 🛸🤖

  • Decentral Games targets web3 natives and continues to adjust its play-to-earn rewards structure to limit ICE inflation as Messari shares its findings in their report titled the State of Decentral Games Q4 2022.
  • As the metaverse continues to develop, it will have the possibility to impact social life in a more tangible manner. A new survey from CoinWire, found 69% of respondents have placed their bet on the metaverse to reshape social lifestyle.
  • LandVault has worked on 200+ metaverse activations developing virtual land for platforms such as Roblox, Sandbox and Decentraland has announced it has signed with top talent agency Creative Artists Agency to weather the bear market.
  • A new take on Metaverse gaming as RobotEra allows users to create NFT-based land, structures, and in-game items, develop new metaverses, and connect with other NFT communities.
  • UN Environment Programme (UNEP), aims to use the metaverse to increase reach has released a new game called Apollos Edition teaching worldwide players aged 13- 18 about environmental education.
  • Aiming to drive dog adoption pet food company Pedigree has created a program called the Fosterverse, allowing Decentraland property owners to “foster” digital versions of real-life rescue dogs.
End pet homelessness and adopt a dog in Pedigree’s Fosterverse. A new program that allows real-life rescue dogs to be virtually fostered in Decentraland

Funding in Gaming, and the Metaverse Space 💸💰

  • Looking to capitalize on real money-wagering, a sector that is looking to grow from $70 billion to $300 billion, Courtside Ventures raises $100M fund for sports, collectibles, wellness, and gaming.
  • Digital Village, the metaverse developer, aims to take the friction out of the experience. Powered by VeChain, the technology platform has raised $4 million thanks to L’Oreal’s VC – BOLD and the British Fashion Council.
  • With 150+ million fans worldwide, players can now raise their pets in the metaverse as Neopets raises $4 million from industry leaders such as Polygon, Haskey Capital, and Blizzard Avalanche Fund.
  • Gaming Breaks $100 billion total announced activity with 431 total blockchain gaming deals this is a 224% increase from a year earlier.
  • Last valued at $1.25 billion, Mythical Games eyes $50 million raise and integrates the technology of NFT marketplace DMarket.
  • Animoca Brands Japan funds Psychic VR Labs with 100 million Japanese Yen to help fast track the vision of ‘realizing the world where people wear a space
  • Netmarble’s MARBLEX has provisionally signed up with Binance to to bolster its infrasture to push on with MBX 3.0 and enchance the MBX ecosystem.
  • Charging $7,500 per masterclass, Gemba’s Metaverse training software is utilized by Nike and Carlsberg raises $18 million in a Series A financing led by Parkway Venture Capital.
Gemba designs and delivers virtual “masterclasses” covering subjects such as supply chain management and lean manufacturing

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