Yoda Labs Web3 Gaming Monthly Recap for January 2023

Game on for Web3 in January!

January 2023 GameFi P2E Recap

January was a phenomenal start to 2023, with Mythical Games raising $50 Million for its Gaming Marketplace, Yuga’s Dookey Dash taking the top score for the new game launches and Gam3r Choice Awards in Miami being the most anticipated event which we covered exclusively in this edition.

Major players such as Amazon are getting into Web3, while AI continues to play a major role in Web3 gaming. In Seoul, residents can now explore the metaverse, and all eyes are on Dubai as it hosts the Metaverse Expo.

Yoda Labs x BGA: Web3 Gaming Trends 2023

Stay informed with Yoda Labs on all the latest developments in Web3 Gaming.

Web3 Gaming News 🎯

  • Amazon is set to enter Web3 with plans to launch their very own NFT gaming marketplace.
  • Eyes on the prize, Delphi Digital is specifically watching these teams and games – should we be watching them too? (Page – 62)
  • Oath of Peak, one of the most ambitious gaming projects in Web3 has over $20 million invested, reports the pre-registration of more than 500,000 players.
  • Emergent Games launches Web3 survival MMO Resurgence on ImmutableX.
Fractal brings its NFT platform to Polygon and secures investment.

Gam3r Choice Awards 🏆

The highly anticipated Gam3r Choice Awards brought together an exclusive and dedicated Web3 community to celebrate the best in gaming. With a wide range of categories, including game trailers, esports games, and mobile games, the awards were decided by a group of Web3 professionals and gamers. The Gam3r Choice Awards attracted industry leaders such as Mythical Games, Illuvium, Immutable, ZeeTeam, Sequence, reNFT, and Planet Mojo.

  • Gala Games won the Best Studio award
  • Animoca Brands named Organization of the Year
  • Sandbox was chosen as Metaverse of the Year
  • Polygon was named the Gaming Blockchain of the Year
  • Big Time received Game of the Year & Best Action/Adventure awards
  • Guild of Guardians named as the B3st Mobile Game of the Year
  • Shrapnel received the Best Game Trailer & Most Anticipated Game awards
  • ev.io  won Best Esports Game &  Best First-Person Shooter Game awards
  • Brycent was awarded the Content Creator of the Year award

Web3 Gaming Trends 🚀

  • Limitbreaks’ ‘Creator Token Architecture’ could be the way forward for protecting in-game economies and completely change Web3 gaming.
  • Blockchain Brawlers is successfully driving user engagement, increasing rarity and value at the same time – is this the way forward?
  • With Slot Hunter Casino leading the way, Web3 technology has the potential to revolutionize online gambling by providing a secure, trustworthy, transparent platform for gaming.
  • Co-founder of Illuvium discusses the ability to engage a mass audience as casual mobile games are the easiest step into gaming. Is this a trend that everyone is missing?
  • According to the Delphi Digital 2023 report, long-term multiple company partnerships are becoming a trend to address the lack of an ecosystem of publishers for web3 games.
  • PlayFi monetization methods via metagames is the perfect approach for web3 games find out why.
  • Giving builders a cut of the player revenues is potentially the future way to motivate them. Playmint, a UK-based on-chain gaming studio, thinks its model is the answer.
  • Web3 gamer and trendsetter Brycent argues that Web3 games can use the secrets that help games on Steam scale and grow by using a dedicated social gaming launcher as it benefits gamers and the growth of your game.
  • Hypetrains are not enough. Before Web3 gaming can achieve greater public adoption, it must overcome various obstacles.
  • Gamesight CEO thinks TikTok will be the home of game advertising as it has always focused on driving results and conversion rates.
  • Protecting 3rd party content creators and ensuring transparency, RPG Dungeons and Dragons implements protections to comply with the anticipated regulations.
  • With mobile gaming taking the charge, Venture Capitalists are placing their bets on experience rather than gambling on speculating.
  • Signs of things to come? Prepare yourself and your players – Japanese Tax Agency Wants to Tax Crypto Gaming Profits and NFT Sales.
  • Will AI-assisted graphical character modeling reduce the time to make and develop games? This experiment shows how much time was saved in a simple point-and-click game.
  • The creation of encounters that are just difficult enough to be fun. This is how AI is set to improve gaming further by dynamically adjusting to players’ skill levels.
Using AI to make model sheets with turnaround images of a character.

Funding 💸

  • Ratic Games closes the pre-seed round with $5.27 Million valuation.
  • Meta Masters Guild raises $1.5 Million for a decentralized gaming ecosystem.
  • Digital Village Raises $4 Million for Metaverse development with VeChain.
  • Neopets raises $4 Million for its Metaverse from Polygon, Hashkey Capital, Blizzard Avalanche Fund, NetDragon Websoft.
  • Mythical Games aims to raise $50 Million for its Gaming Marketplace.
  • Gemba raises $18 Million in Series A by Parkway Venture Capital.
  • Intella X raises $12 Million prior to Q1 launch on Polygon.
  • Metahood Raises $3M to build Metaverse from Volt Capital, Flamingo DAO, and Neon DAO.
  • Carry1st raises $27 Million for Web3 Gaming Expansion in Africa.

Metaverse 🤖

  • The Avila Brothers, Billy Ray Cyrus and Snoop Dogg bring music to the metaverse where fans have the chance to engage with their idols in a more equal and direct manner.
  • Decentral Games targets Web3 natives and continues to adjust its play-to-earn rewards structure to limit ICE inflation as Messari shares its findings in their report titled the State of Decentral Games Q4 2022.
  • Dunk into the Oreoverse and interactive virtual world where OREO lovers can explore using their mobile device or a VR headset
  • As the metaverse continues to develop, it will have the possibility to impact social life in a more tangible manner. A new survey from CoinWire, found 69% of respondents have placed their bet on the metaverse to reshape social lifestyle.
  • LandVault has worked on 200+ metaverse activations developing virtual land for platforms such as Roblox, Sandbox and Decentraland has announced it has signed with top talent agency Creative Artists Agency to weather the bear market.
  • Aiming to drive dog adoption pet food company Pedigree has created a program called the Fosterverse, allowing Decentraland property owners to “foster” digital versions of real-life rescue dogs.
  • The Sandbox DJ contest by Warner Music Group is an exciting opportunity for 5 winning DJs or music producers to lauch their careers
  • Brian D. Evans. has been announced as a Moca creative creature that resides in the Animoca’s Mocaverse, a community that could become the who’s who of Web3.
  • Netvrk and Matrix World have made it into the top 10. But what is at number 1? DappRadar has given its take on the top Metaverse virtual worlds for 2023.
  • The biggest International Crypto, Blockchain, and Metaverse exhibition, ICBM Expo is fast approaching. Taking place on March 3–4, 2023 at the Festival Arena, Festival City Dubai, UAE it is sure to showcase the most pioneering contributors within the space
  • Public access to Seoul’s metaverse project is now available. The mayor has confirmed the virtual environment will allow residents to access official documents, file complaints, and receive answers to questions on filing taxes.
  • Game of Silks is a metaverse game that resembles thoroughbred horse racing in real life. The organization has now implemented Chainlink Verifiable Random Function successfully (VRF).
  • Can OneMeta AI solve the metaverse’s language problem? The company can provide real-time translation of up to 50 individuals, all speaking a different language. Not only does the tech provide real-time transcripts, but the AI can also provide voice, too.
  • The metaverse isn’t only for big banks like HSBC and J.P Morgan Chase. If you are a land owner in Decentraland you can earn extra money by implementing the Transak ATM.
  • OVR Technology showcased a virtual reality headset that contained eight aromas that can be combined to generate various scents. Touch and smell become the next big thing for the metaverse at CES 2023.
  • Apple thinks a hybrid headset is the answer. Their combined augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is the first major step in the metaverse.
  • The laws of gravity don’t apply and there are no supply chain issues. Read how Web2 firms are expanding into the metaverse and providing real-life usecases at CES 2023.
  • LG is doubling down on its metaverse push via Smart TVs. The tech giant made a plethora of announcements relating to its metaverse ambitions at 2023 CES and is betting on the User Generated Market (UGM) economy.
  • Accenture believes the metaverse will fuel a $1 trillion commerce opportunity. The interest in the metaverse as a creator economy and tools to enhance day-to-day tasks is clearly evident as businesses and consumers are getting more interested.
Wearable, wireless, digital scent for anyone who wants the most immersive, premium, digital experiences.

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