Yield Parrot IGO (Initial “Grill” Offering) Live Now at BarbecueSwap

The yield optimization protocol’s native token LORY is now available at BarbecueSwap.

Introducing Yield Parrot on BarbecueSwap

Yield Parrot is a state of the art yield aggregator & optimizer. They have started their IGO on BarbecueSwap, with the only eligibility requirement being BNB to participate. This IGO will be the best time to buy $LORY at the lowest price.

YieldParrot Achievements

Smart contract audits (Techrate audit on its way) 

High level of development 

Objectives sample

Partnership with Barbecue

Auto Compounding Vault for $BBQ Token

Transparent Tokenomics

Trust and work ethic

AMA with the Barbecue community 

BarbecueSwap did their Initial Farm Offering (IFO) on their own platform and raised 380% over their target. The success of this IFO is what led to the collaboration with Yield Parrot.

BarbecueSwap has already partnered with ApeSwap, a highly successful Decentralized Exchange (DEX), which has brought extensive exposure to the platform.

*Yield Parrot IGO date and time: 25/6–10 PM UTC*

Yield Parrot has already obtained its first audit (Techrate audit confirmed)  and is working on a second with HashEx. The team understands how important it is to maintain a safe place for the community, hence the need for a secondary audit.

Yield Parrot Main Features

Massive APY

On Yield Parrot users can accrue tremendous Annual Percentage Yield (APY) to stake their favorite tokens. Most Yield Parrot vaults will automatically compound. This eliminates user interaction and gas fees. Users don’t need to click any “compounding” button. This feature will compound vaults at the best rate to transform your APR (Annual Percentage Rate) into APY. Through staking users will also receive $LORY tokens that they will be able to stake in the Golden Wheel! 

Golden Wheel

This is one of the most important features of Yield Parrot. With the LORY tokens users have earned, they will be able to stake them to earn BNB. Users will be able to earn BNB which can then be restaked to earn LORY  Thanks to smart algorithms, emissions remain low as a deflationary measure.

Automatic BuyBack

Through smart contract etimes, automatic buyback will allow users to gain even more from their LORY tokens. Because of the automated process, users can see rewards simply by engaging with the LORY token.


The next step on the Yield Parrot road map is the Jackpot tool. Users will be able to stake their tokens in a special section for a limited time, and all the tokens earned will be given as rewards in a lottery for those who had staked. More information will be made available as the product launch nears.

To learn more about the IGO, visit the following links:

IGO on BarbecueSwap

BarbecueSwap Platform

Yield Parrot Platform

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