Yield Parrot AMA Recap

BSCDaily.com hosts Yield Parrot: State of the art yield aggregator & optimizer on the  #BinanceSmartChain

BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome, @yield_parrot, @YieldparrotCMO and @MasterParrot! How is your day?

Master Parrot: Hello, thanks for having us here today!

Yield Parrot Alpha Amazon – Vault Optimizer: Hi everyone! Thank you very much for this incredible AMA!

BSCdaily – Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Q1: As all the community members would love to know, can you briefly describe YIELD PARROT?

Yield Parrot Alpha Amazon – Vault Optimizer:Yield Parrot is a state-of-the-art yield aggregator & optimizer built in Binance Smart Chain. At yieldparrot.finance users can find the best opportunities within the DeFi ecosystem, with a world-class vault offering, fully optimized smart contracts, and a renowned partnership plan. You will be able to find pools and farms from a lot of different projects with better APY than in their own platforms!

Yield Parrot Alpha Amazon – Vault Optimizer: Let me remind everyone that we are having our PRE-SALE right now on app.barbecueswap.finance/ifo

Q2: A team working in the project is the backbone of a project. What about the experience and credentials of the team behind YIELD PARROT?

Yield Parrot Alpha Amazon – Vault Optimizer: In order to build an extraordinary platform and project, we needed to recruit the bests experts on the market. With a talented team specialized in different fields, we were able to build an outstanding solution that will bring enormous value to the DeFi ecosystem.

Our team is made up of the best talents in the areas of crypto, software, finance, economics, and marketing. Combining these skills with the experience of all of us had in previous successful projects results in what will be the next big thing at the Binance Smart Chain.

Yield Parrot Alpha Amazon – Vault Optimizer: That is why we have such a strong partnership plan. The pre-sale has not finished yet and we have already announced partnerships with Barbecue Finance and Ape Swap.

BSCdaily – Admin: Great guys. Let’s move to the 3rd question

Master Parrot: Great partnerships!

Q3: “STAKING” is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and ACHIEVE MASS ADOPTION. Does your GREAT PROJECT have plan about Staking?

Yield Parrot Alpha Amazon – Vault Optimizer: We know that staking is one of the best things that all Defi projects have, that is why at yield parrot we decided to optimize this as maximum as possible! In Yield Parrot you will be able to stake your favorite tokens with APY much higher than anywhere else. At Yield Parrot we are lovers of staking and we want to share them with you!

Not only will you have incredible APYs but you will also be able to receive LORY rewards and then convert them into BNB! This is called the Golden Wheel and it is one of the best features of Yield Parrot (take a look at the picture). With the LORY tokens you have earned, you will be able to stake them to earn BNB. Wait, are you serious? Yes! You will be able to earn BNB, and with those BNB put them to stake to earn some more LORY! You are always winning!! And the best thing is that our emission is very very low! All this is possible thanks to the power of our smart algorithms!

Just enjoy it, then you thank us!

BSCdaily – Admin: Love to hear that.

Yield Parrot Alpha Amazon – Vault Optimizer: Take a look at this picture. One of our best features is the Golden Wheel!

Yield Parrot Alpha Amazon – Vault Optimizer: You can check also our best Features in our docs for more info! app.gitbook.com/@yieldparrotfinance/s/docs/best-features

BSCdaily – Admin: Wow

BSCdaily – Admin: Amazing job!!

BSCdaily – Admin: Are you ready for the next question?

Yield Parrot Alpha Amazon – Vault Optimizer: Let’s go to the next one!

Q4: Do you have any Coin Burn/BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Master Parrot:The LORY token doesn’t have a max supply, however deflationary mechanisms are installed such as buyback & burn and scheduled burns, and more will be coming to ensure the growth of the protocol by safeguarding the value to the community holders. By building these mechanisms we aim, in time, to making deflation higher than emission.

Also, part of the revenues will be used to BuyBack every time and another part will be used to give as rewards in a stake LORY earn BNB pool! Yes, you hear right! stake LORY earn BNB!!

BSCdaily – Admin: What a surprising idea!!!.

Q5: BANANA Swap has partnered with Polygon. Do you have any plans to become multichain?

Master Parrot: Here is the Yield Parrot plan for 2021! As you can see, we are planning to become multi-chain by the end of the year. I invite you to check this medium article about all the other points involved in our Road Map.

Also there in our medium, you will be able to read the last news we will be posting every time!

Q6: What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2021 as a whole? (*your roadmap)

Yield Parrot Alpha Amazon – Vault Optimizer: We are launching today!! The presale is about finish in a few hours and we expect a huge launch!!

We will be adding new vaults every week and making new Partnerships for the growth of Yield Parrot community!

Also, the Jackpot will be ready very soon for those who like gambling! This is our next step in the Road Map. With the Jackpot, you will be able to win a lot of tokens without any risk by putting your tokens to stake in a special section for a certain time and all the rewards from that pool will be given as rewards in a lottery for those who had staked. Then your original tokens will be given back to each holder. You can win big without risk! Don’t worry we will be updating with more info when the Jackpot is ready.

Yield Parrot Alpha Amazon – Vault Optimizer: app.barbecuesap.finance/ifo

Q7: Where can we find out more about Yield Parrot? (*links to Twitter, Telegram, Medium, etc.)

Master Parrot: twitter.com/Yield_Parrot


Master Parrot: Stay tuned, great news is coming

Yield Parrot Alpha Amazon – Vault Optimizer: You can also check our doc and medium where we have lots of information: app.gitbook.com/@yieldparrotfinance/s/docs/

MoonParrot: app.barbecueswap.finance/ifo $LORY IS NOW ON DISCOUNT. DON´T MISS THIS HUGE OPPORTUNITY.

BSCdaily – Admin: We’re all excited about what your team is going to do next!!

BSCdaily – Admin: Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community? @yield_parrot, @YieldparrotCMO and @MasterParrot

Yield Parrot Alpha Amazon – Vault Optimizer: We would like to invite everyone to our Telegram group where we will be able to answer all the questions you have! Also, you will get to know our incredible community! t.me/yieldparrot

 BSCdaily – Admin: It was a pleasure having you  @yield_parrot, @YieldparrotCMO and @MasterParrot 

MoonParrot: We recommend buying in presale. The price for the launch is going to be much more. You guys are lucky to have met Yieldparrot and $ LORY before its official release. app.barbecueswap.finance/ifo

Master Parrot: Thank you and all your community for having us here today. It has been a wonderful AMA

We invite you all to follow us in our channels and of course to participate in our pre-sale.

Great opportunity to buy $LORY at the best price and stake all your favorite tokens with extraordinary high APYs!! app.barbecueswap.finance/ifo

BSCdaily – Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for Greatmoon

Yield Parrot Alpha Amazon – Vault Optimizer: Thank you everyone for this amazing AMA!! We wait you on the Moon! #LORYtoTheMoon

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