Yield Aggregators AMA

BSCNEWS Hosts ACryptoS – x · ACryptoS.com, AutoFarm – mildgiraffe, yprivacymatter, bEarn – bEarn.Fi | bDollar B, bEarn.fi | bDollar | Tedtoshi, Beefy – superbeefyboy, Sir Beefalot, 0xbeefy Grill Master, and Jetfuel – Flight Commander Miro for an informative AMA.

KDOT (AMA Host): Firstly, can i check each project is here; ACS, AutoFarm, Bearn , Beefy & Jetfuel. Want to make sure you can all type.

Flight Commander Miro (Jetfuel Team): Jetfuel is here!

Yprivacymatter (AutoFarm Team): here ✌️

Mildgiraffe (AutoFarm Team): Here!

bEarn.Fi | bDollar | B (bEarn Team): bEarn is here 🤙

Superbeefyboy (Beefy Team): 0/

bEarn.fi | bDollar | Tedtoshi (bEarn Team): +

KDOT (AMA Host): Perfecto! Right, Firstly! appreciate you all attending 🙂 this is going to be awesome 😀 So few rules; 

1: each Q will be answered by each team in alphabetical order

2: Once youve finished answering please type “DONE”

3: Have FUN!!!!

Lets kick it off with an intro to each team

Q1: How many people are apart of the core team?

x · ACryptoS.com (ACS Team): hi all, thanks for having us! I’m the lead dev, we have a core DAO of 7 – HM, Blight Night, Jasper, Mik Ro, Wei and Mo Ma. HM and Jasper are community Devs. Abdul is our community marketing lead.

Mildgiraffe (AutoFarm Team): We have :

Core team: 4 (3 devs) 

Marketing: 1

Community/Moderators: 4

farmfolio: 1

bEarn.Fi | bDollar | B (bEarn Team): We started with 13 people and there are 6 people from the core team: Andre Natoshi – Our Lead Dev; Ted – our Business Development Manager & Chinese Community Manager and the other 3 core team members + 7 full time employers,

0xbeefy CHECK MY USERNAME Grill Master (Beefy Team):

We have a really strong community. At this point there’s probably close to 30 people pushing Beefy forwards besides the initial team. We have over ten mods, more than a dozen community developers collaborating on back end, front end and yield farming strategies. There are statisticians, designers and there are some members in the role of project manager that are starting to lead different initiatives in our ecosystem.

Flight Commander Miro (Jetfuel Team): The Jetfuel.Finance core team consists of my self and 7 developers working on Jetfuel, Jetswap, and Fortress Lending. We also have 5 telegram moderators in our English group. Defi Manaic & Bobjong lead our business development.

KDOT (AMA Host): Amazing! Thanks! before we move onto the next Q, i have some Side Qs for some of you! Side Q: For AcryptoS, how was your DAO formed?

x · ACryptoS.com (ACS Team): it was formed via governance vote, community members nominated each other and essentially voted everyone in:


it was about a 2 week process i think

KDOT (AMA Host): OK perfect, thank you 🙂

Side Q: For AutoFarm, What is Farmfolio?

Yprivacymatter (AutoFarm Team): woo, farmfol.io was Autofarm’s recent acquisition. It is an intelligent portfolio manager/tracker that only costs $10 (one-time) & good news is that all Autofarm users get free access to use farmfolio to track Autofarm assets 😉

KDOT (AMA Host): Ah amazing! Thanks 😀

Side Q: For Beefy, You have community Devs working on vaults, how does that work from a security perspective?

Superbeefyboy (Beefy Team): Sup KDOT. We have an implementation pipeline. Platforms are discovered, farms are added to a list. Devs pick farms they will be working on. Once implemented both the farm code and the implementation is reviewed by hand. and with static analyzers. Then we run a few automated tests with ganache. If all that went well, we then do a manual test script to check everything works as expected.

Superbeefyboy (Beefy Team): Once that is complete, the vault is merged and launched. Strategists begin with the already battle tested code, that is now audited by CertiK.

Sir Beefalot (Beefy Team): We also review all farms, not everything gets accepted

KDOT (AMA Host): Sup Super, Amazing! Thank you 🙂 actually good to know, i wasnt aware of the process 😀

Sir Beefalot (Beefy Team): Priority number one is to keep user funds SAFU

KDOT (AMA Host): Thanks 🙂 @sirbeefalot agreed! Ok thats all the Side Qs I have, I see BIG teams!! amazing 🙂 lets move on to the next Q

Q2: How experienced are the devs you have? What have they built previously?

x · ACryptoS.com (ACS Team): I learnt Solidity and Vyper by building ACryptoS 🙃

I started mining bitcoin in 2012, built and ran arbitrage bots since then, on both CEXs and DEXs. Outside of crypto I have a couple decades of full-stack dev experience, building a wide variety of… things… I hope everyone takes our words with a pinch of salt though, and look at the code we’ve written and evaluate our quality, performance and results objectively.

Mildgiraffe (AutoFarm Team): We currently have 3 fullstack devs, each specialising in their own specialities (solidity, frontend, backend). Our solidity dev is a fullstack dev who is an automated arbitrage trader in CeFi as well as in DeFi. Our FE dev has been doing web development for 14+ years. Our BE dev is a BE+devops specialist in an MNC for 3+ years.

Andre Natoshi (bEarn Team): We have close to 50 years of programming experience between the team. Before bEarn and bDollar some of us had built many blockchain systems and crypto services with hundreds of thousand user base. I was a core dev of a top-50 marketcap project.

Sir Beefalot (Beefy Team): Difficult to answer this question without doxing oneself haha. We’ve been shipping code for many years, both in enterprise and in startups. Something that keeps surprising me though, are the skills and dedication of some of the devs from the community. I’m always learning new things from monk, defideb, weso, senso, wyvern, shiba, mooo and all the other contributors.

Flight Commander Miro (JetFuel Team): I’ve been in crypto since 2013 when I first discovered Bitcoin. In 2017/2018 I started a tokenized hedgefund which we ended up shutting down to market conditions during the brutal 2018 summer. While the dev team wants to remain anonymous, the members on the team are very experienced and have worked on some of the largest DEFI projects you’ve probably heard of. 

Q3: With all the projects here today having near the same concept (Yield Aggregators), What makes you different from each other?

x · ACryptoS.com (ACS Team): I actually just wrote an article about this: medium.com/acryptos/what-sets-acryptos-apart-d6345e2f5d7f In short, we are: Sustainable. Long-term. Safe. ACryptoS is designed for the long-term farmer/investor who sees value in sustainable tokenomics and an emphasis on safety and careful risk management.

Yprivacymatter (AutoFarm Team): 

• Autofarm is the yield optimizer that charges the cheapest fees in the entire DeFi space

• Yield optimizer platform combining together with a DEX aggregator

• First cross-chain yield optimizer (it’s part of our roadmap to continue to push to more chains as fast as possible)

• notable achievements: 

no.1 Binance MVB, no.3 Binance BUIDL, no.14 TVL (across all dapps), no. 2 volume (across all dapps), no.14 userbase (across all dapps), no.3 TVL (BSC))

• SAFU & Long-term vision in mind (medium.com/autofarm-network/building-a-more-secure-autofarm-40a5450ee34)

• Constantly growing the auto brand asides from yield optimizer (vaults) & DEX aggregator (alluding to our recent acquisition of farmfol.io)

Mildgiraffe (AutoFarm Team): Ultimately, we are just here to try to provide the best service possible to users for the long run safely and with the lowest fees.

bEarn.Fi | bDollar | B (bEarn Team): There are many things make us different from other players, besides SAFU first, I can point some highlights as follows:

0% withdrawal fee

0% harvest fee

0-0.1% deposit fee (if the target pool charges deposit/withdraw fee, we do not take it)

Up to 2.9% profit to buy back tokens and we are the first yield aggregator to offer triple, quadruple reward (extra rewards apart from LPs compounding) and even more.

More details about bVaults can be found here: bearn-defi.medium.com/introducing-bvaults-a56865e0c824

Superbeefyboy (Beefy Team): There are a few key reasons as to why Beefy.Finance differs from a large number of yield optimizers out there today. Beefy has more than 10 smart contract developers who carefully test and review vaults, investment strategies, and smart contracts before releasing them to the public. Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow. The more widely available the source code is for public testing, scrutiny, and experimentation, the more rapidly all forms of bugs will be discovered. This is a key Beefy principle. Beefy offers unique strategies that other yield optimizers simply do not have. This includes liquidity pool pairs for a very wide range of risk profiles that can only be found on the Beefy platform.

Flight Commander Miro (JetFuel Team): We are building an easy to use All in 1 DEFI app with low fees. Our road map includes

-Jetfuel – Yield Farm, Yield Optimizer, Staking, and Launchpad

-Jetswap – AMM with NFTS, Limit Orders, Yield Farm, Lottery, Staking, Yield Optimizer

-Fortress Lending – Decentralized Money Market. Users can deposit their assets to earn interest and our FTS governance and yield boosting token. They can also borrow against their deposits as collateral to earn more FTS. Our system also allows users to mint a fully backed stablecoin called FAI. 

We have our eyes set to build on ETH & HECO as well and to pull the profits back to BSC. 

We’re building all of our products to support our JETS token which will have 6 income streams. Each income stream is used to market buy FUEL and send it to JETS holders. Last time we checked, over $11 million in FUEL is being sent to JETS holders yearly and that number will go up as we roll Jetswap and Fortress out. 

More information can be found here: https://jetfuelfinance.medium.com/

Q4: Are each of you audited? If so, who carried out the audit. If not, are you looking to get audited?

x · ACryptoS.com (ACS Team): We have had audits from DefiYield and Hacken. 


More audits from Certik and a more comprehensive audit by Hacken is in progress. Safety is a priority for us and we intend to work closely with auditors on all new smart contracts we deploy.

Mildgiraffe (AutoFarm Team): Autofarm is currently audited by Vidar & ansen.AI, with our CertiK & Slowmist reports due to be released soon. We also have community auditors who although stay anon, but help out immensely too!

Yprivacymatter (AutoFarm Team): There are many ways in which Autofarm has sought to also mitigate the risks involved in crypto & DeFi, such as insurance, AutoSAFU (protocol insruance), and general education of the community on what we do, what codes we get out, etc. 


bEarn.fi | bDollar | Tedtoshi (bEarn Team): We are planning to do an audit for bVaults.fi in the next few days, and we will choose Certik, (who has done audit for our bDollar) to do the audit :).

0xbeefy Grill Master (Beefy Team): Our first auditor was Defiyield, which audited the BIFI token, the RewardPool and all the timelocks. Beefy now is also audited by Certik, which increases the robustness of our smart contracts and the safety of funds invested. We are always building new technology so the plan is to establish a long term relationship with many auditors that can keep up with our rate of innovation. If we get to a certain scale, we might acquire or grow an in-house community or DAO focused entirely on the security of the ecosystem. The first batch of audits from Ceritk covered the vault contract that runs most of our strategies, a few strategies and the YieldBalancer. This is behind the new versions of our SmartCake strategy,  and other strategies in the future that manage allocations in multiple farms concurrently.

Flight Commander Miro (JetFuel Team): Yes, we take security very seriously and user safety is our number one priority. Our masterfuel, FUEL, and JETS contracts are audited by Vidar. Vidar has also audited a number of our vault contracts. GFORCE, our passive yield and automatic liquidity generation token is audited by Ether Authority which was found to be “Well-secured”, their highest rating for a smart contract. We’ve hired Ether Authority to audit our Jetswap AMM & Fortress protocol as well. We expect our initial Fortress reports back by Friday with Jetswap soon after. We will engage with more auditors as time passes. Our community has a number of experienced smart contract developers who has combed through our code and has suggested improvements which we’ve implemented. 

More information on our audits can be found here: jetfuel.finance/audits

Q5: with the amount of TVL in each project, its important to also have insurance as we are aware audits arent fail-proof. 

Do you have insurance on user funds? If not, WHY?

x · ACryptoS.com (ACS Team): We are in discussions with Certik and Soteria about getting insurance in place. That said, I do feel “insurance”, and to some extent, audits are just a form of marketing and smoke and mirrors. Users should closely examine what protection any kind of “insurance” actually provides. What exactly are you covered for? There’s a reason why the yields are so high. Most users would be better off just managing their own risk, spread the risk out, don’t put everything in 1 basket, don’t put so much in defi or crypto, and so on. If a $1B TVL project is “covered” for $1M, that’s 0.1% of coverage. If the “cover” is also defi based… and on the same chain… what’s the point really? 🤷♂️ I think any “real” insurance for defi would probably cost >$1M for $1M of coverage- i.e. uninsurable.

KDOT (AMA Host): Hmm some fair points! Thanks

Yprivacymatter (AutoFarm Team): Autofarm is a firm believer on security and building trust within the community & we want to be the leader in the DeFi space in terms of security. Hence we’ve came up with not one, not two, but up to 4 measures in terms of insurance. We’ve partnered with two insurance protocols, namely Helmet insure (options logic) & Soteria Mutual. Additionally, our CertiKShield will go live alongside our audit report & Autofarm has its own protocol insurance called AutoSAFU to reimburse users in the event of exploits or loss of funds.

Yprivacymatter (AutoFarm Team): AutoSAFU was formed based on our inspiration from CZ and the Binance Team on their version of Binance SAFU; hence we’ve pledge all our recent BUIDL rewards gas rebates to the fund.

Mildgiraffe (AutoFarm Team): Having said that, we do acknowledge that at the current state of defi, at least for BSC yield aggregators, insurance products now do  provide much less than full coverage of user funds. But hopefully in time, we will be able to improve this as a community.

Yprivacymatter (AutoFarm Team): understandbly, @acryptosx brings up fair points on the logic of insurance, hence we’re working on the front of education & given a long period, we’re looking at insurance levels which can actually cover a substantial amount of funds which are in the protocol

bEarn.fi | bDollar | Tedtoshi (bEarn Team): We at Bearn.fi also believes in the idea of the insurance, hence, when we confirm the audit with Certik  for bVaults.fi in upcoming days, we will also be looking into their CertikShield system and will aim to incorporate that for bVaults.fi as well.

bEarn.fi | bDollar | Tedtoshi (bEarn Team): i also agree with the point that @yprivacymatter and @acryptosx on the point that we should still and always educate users to DYOR on all strats and vaults that is put out.

KDOT (AMA Host): Amazing, thank you! Yeah educating users is a huge thing & believe it is whats missing in the space. So, we are also are creating content to better educate users.

superbeefyboy (Beefy Team): We had a long talk about this topic a few days ago. Beefy users can acquire insurance through soteria.finance to protect losses caused by smart contracts vulnerabilities if that matches their risk profile. Although we are aware that the current available capacity is low, we are strong believers in providing all the tools to our users and let them decide. We are working on a few solutions to increase covered amounts and there is also a team working in an integral solution. We believe many of the current available insurance options are not fitted for the volume we handle. If for some reason a platform loses millions in a vault, a 150k cover it’s like putting a band aid when you lose an arm.

Flight Commander Miro (JetFuel Team): Jetfuel was inspired by a nasty rug pool some members of the team were exposed to and that led us to build a safe and trusted DEFI product users can be comfortable using. As stated in our last answer, we take security extremely seriously and put the work in ahead of deployment to make Jetfuel.Finance as safe as it can possibly before users interact with our contracts. DEFI carries a number of risks and users should always do their own research before interacting with any contracts. We have a robust gitbook full of information for users: jetfuel-finance-1.gitbook.io/jetfuel-finance/  Jetfuel has been fortunate to partner with Soteria to offer users the option to buy cover on their FUEL in case of any exploit or hacks. Like others have stated, to have 100% coverage on volatile & new assets would be prohibitory expensive and I’m not sure there’s any insurance company that would offer coverage like that.

KDOT (AMA Host): I think its time to move away from these Qs now and move to what the community really wants to hear “WHEN” Firstly Congrats to Beefy! getting listed on Binance 🙂 huge achievement!

Sir Beefalot (Beefy Team): Thanks!

Q6: with you all having a working product, do you have plans on bringing other different products out? if so, what?

x · ACryptoS.com (ACS Team): Yes for sure… but we have nothing to announce now, so watch this space 🙃

KDOT (AMA Host): you cant do that! youll be locked in this room forever if u do not leak 🙂 Joke!

Yprivacymatter (AutoFarm Team): Yes! AutoSwap (DEX aggregator is set to go live in March), and as you can tell from our recent acquisition of farmfolio, we believe in prioritising user experience and packaging it under the Autofarm ecosystem 🙂 so innovate, grow and expand the entire Autofarm brand/ecosystem 🙌

KDOT (AMA Host): Amazing!

bEarn.Fi | bDollar | B (bEarn Team): Yay, there are many cools thing to be released:

-bLucky: with 10+ games and we are planning to double it next month

-Cross-chain bridge: Binance Smart Chain <> Ethereum, and we will be adding more bridge to other chains, (ETA Q2, 2021)

-bLottery: Jackpot prize can be a life changing (V2 to be released later this month)

– Lending system, our own DEX, NFTs market and many more..

0xbeefy Grill Master (Beefy Team): Yes, we didn’t want to rush into building different products while the infra for the core product still needed to be improved upon. Last month we finally got to a point where we had enough devs, designers, marketers, etc, where some resources could be directed towards new initiatives.  The first experiment was the Beefy Launchpool, which has been very successful and we’re looking to expand it to other chains. Now we’re working on 2-3 other similar initiatives in parallel with different members of the community. We’re still focusing on initiatives that complement and enhance the value of our core though.Done!

KDOT (AMA Host): amazing! great answer 🙂

Flight Commander Miro (JetFuel Team): Yes 😊 I already answered this above so I’ll copy and paste my previous answer and add a little more info. We are building an easy to use All in 1 DEFI app with low fees. Our road map includes

-Jetfuel – Yield Farm, Yield Optimizer, Staking, and Launchpad

-Jetswap – AMM with NFTS, Limit Orders, Yield Farm, Lottery, Staking, Yield Optimizer

-Fortress Lending – Decentralized Money Market. Users can deposit their assets to earn interest and our FTS governance and yield boosting token. They can also borrow against their deposits as collateral to earn more FTS. Our system also allows users to mint a fully backed stablecoin called FAI. We have our eyes set to build on ETH & HECO as well and to pull the profits back to BSC. We’re building all of our products to support our JETS token which will have 6 income streams. Each income stream is used to market buy FUEL and send it to JETS holders. Last time we checked, over $11 million in FUEL is being sent to JETS holders yearly and that number will go up as we roll Jetswap and Fortress out. Jetswap & Fortress are in the final stages of development and we’ll be opening testing up to the community in the next few weeks. More information can be found here: https://jetfuelfinance.medium.com

KDOT (AMA Host): Perfect, thank you!

Q7: Would each of you like to add anything? Juicy news, updates or anything i may have missed that you’d like to share.

x · ACryptoS.com (ACS Team): We have the first Swipe Swap Vaults live yesterday, more to come soon. 


KDOT (AMA Host): whats a swipe swap vault?

x · ACryptoS.com (ACS Team): Vaults farming on Swipe Swap, the new AMM/Farm from Swipe

KDOT (AMA Host): Ah got it 😀 Thanks!

x · ACryptoS.com (ACS Team): So far we only farm on PCS and Venus, so this is the 3rd project we farm on

KDOT (AMA Host): perfect!

Yprivacymatter (AutoTeam Team): leaky leaks? Check out our github repository 😉

KDOT (AMA Host): nah, spill here pls 🙂

Yprivacymatter (AutoTeam Team): for things which are already in our pipeline » biggest thing is our DEX aggregator 🙂

KDOT (AMA Host): Amazing thanks!

bEarn.fi | bDollar | Tedtoshi (bEarn Team): We have a new product that we will be adding to our ecosystem very soon, we call it bLaunch. the name is what we will reveal for now….. 🙂

KDOT (AMA Host): haha thanks 🙂

0xbeefy Grill Master (Beefy Team): Well, these have been a pretty strong couple of days for us. We landed into Avalanche with some vaults, We got listed on Binance yesterday, and today Pancake Swap released our Syrup pool. If you guys want fresh alpha, I would recommend to follow our media channels closely as we are about to disclose our roadmap.

KDOT (AMA Host): haha yes, youve had a beast of a week 🙂

Flight Commander Miro (JetFuel Team): I’d say we’re pretty transparent when it comes to updates. Keep an eye on our socials for Jetswap and Fortress. It’s coming soon than you think. 😉 We have a number of amazing projects lined up for our launchpad that users will really enjoy.

KDOT (AMA Host): Thank you. Ok, i have a community member asking a Q in my DMs so im going to ask it. before we take other live community Qs

Q8: Are you exploring/working towards getting listed on CEX exchanges or is that not a priority?

x · ACryptoS.com (ACS Team): not really a priority, i mean, people can already buy/sell on DEX, so it doesnt really bring much value, maybe a bit more awareness/trust. unless its binance where it brings quite a bit more awareness 🙃 But I feel we just work on the product, build and make it better. There’s only that much you can do to push a listing otherwise.

KDOT (AMA Host): What about others who want exposure or trade it, but dont use DEFI..

x · ACryptoS.com (ACS Team): they shouldnt i mean, if they dont know defi, why buy something when you dont know how it works? most of the value in our token comes from staking it in our governance vault, where it earns fees and rewards from the protocol. if you dont know how to use defi and stake it… why buy it? maybe they can profit by trading it, but im not a trader, more a hodler, so i wouldnt know 🙃

KDOT (AMA Host): OK. fair

Yprivacymatter (AutoFarm Team): 

Many exchanges have actually reached out to us on listing $AUTO, though we’ve rejected most because we’re not believers of paid listings. Also, given that AUTO-BNB is at 57.9M liq on PCS, there’s plenty of liquidity for DeFi trading even for large buys. And though Autofarm is a cross-chain product, we would simply put it that BSC is always home😉

KDOT (AMA Host): Thank you!

bEarn.fi | bDollar | Tedtoshi (bEarn Team): Plans to be listed in CEX like Binance will most definitely be one of the goals in our plans. It’s the best way to bring our Token to the masses, brings more trust and awareness. To be honest, our Tokens BFI, sBDO, BDO, are almost 200m Liquidity across many DEXes already.Before big CEX listing happens, our current number 1 Priority is to BUIDL! We strongly believe Big Listings on CEX like Binance will happen naturally as long as we continue BUIDL.

KDOT (AMA Host): Amazing! Thank you 🙂 For beefy, I have a different Q, did you work towards getting listed on binance or was it by suprise?

superbeefyboy (Beefy Team): We worked towards building a community of strong builders, the approach was natural once we reached a decent size through organic growth. We were approached by a team that suggested we should get listed. We then went through due dilligence.

superbeefyboy (Beefy Team): It was never the ‘goal’ to get listed, it just happend as a result of the path we chose imho. Binance listing works differently than other exchanges, where you can pay upto 3-5 BTC. On the announcement they always disclose the payment if it happened.


KDOT (AMA Host): amazing thanks! great work!!

0xbeefy Grill Master (Beefy Team): We have been working on growing our product and the BSC ecosystem from the start. We were approached by Binance, and had to go through a few weeks of due diligence, it was a free listing and the binance team was great at checking everything and making sure everything was secure. The listing itself was a surprise since we didn’t know if or when it would happen.

KDOT (AMA Host): Amazing! 😀

Flight Commander Miro (JetFuel Team): First, congrats to the Beefy team on the Binance listing! That’s so great to see. Yes, of course we are exploring CEX options but it’s not high on the priority list. Some exchanges are more friendly to DEFI tokens than others. We’d rather spend our time and treasury on building the absolute best product we possibly can build. A happy and growing community can open many doors for a project. There’s a very short list of exchanges we’re interested in that can bring more awareness to Jetfuel like Binance. For the time being, AMMs are extremely easy to use and come with low fees. FUEL and GFORCE has 8 digits of liquidity to handle almost any trade.

KDOT (AMA Host): Amazing! got to say, being around BSC from near the beginning its great to see you all grow! So, I think its shill time. Please share your social links so the community can follow up on your project 🙂

x · ACryptoS.com (ACS Team): ACryptoS • Advanced Crypto Strategies


App: https://app.acryptos.com/

Telegram: t.me/acryptos9

Twitter: twitter.com/acryptosdao 

Medium: medium.com/acryptos

yprivacymatter(AutoFarm Team): Autofarm

🐦 Twitter (Autofarm): twitter.com/autofarmnetwork?s=21

🐦 Twitter (farmfol.io): twitter.com/farmfolio_?s=21

👾 Discord: discord.gg/bJ9ZsypQzv

📰 Medium: medium.com/autofarm-network

☎️ TG Chat: t.me/autofarm_network

☎️ Chinese TG: t.me/autofarmchinesechat

☎️ Espanol TG: t.me/autofarm_network_espanol

bEarn.Fi | bDollar | B (bEarn Team):

bEarn Fi: ☎️ Telegram: https://t.me/Bearn_Fi

👾 Discord: discord.gg/j2TRcSHRe3

📓 Medium: bearn-defi.medium.com/

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/bDollar_Fi & twitter.com/BearnFi

0xbeefy Grill Master (Beefy Team): 

Twitter: twitter.com/beefyfinance

Discord: discord.gg/yq8wfHd

Website: beefy.finance/

Github: github.com/beefyfinance

Telegram: t.me/beefyfinance

Medium: medium.com/beefyfinance

Tinder: SingleCowsInYourArea

Flight Commander Miro (JetFuel Team): 🚀 Jetfuel Finance 🚀

Quick Links:

🛩Website: jetfuel.finance/ 

🐧Twitter: twitter.com/Jetfuelfinance

🤳 Telegram: t.me/jetfuelfinance 

🏫Medium: medium.com/@jetfuelfinance 

👨‍💻Github: github.com/jetfuelfinance

KDOT (AMA Host): HAHAHA i just see


@sirbeefalot ill swipe right for u

KDOT (AMA Host): Amazing, Thank you all for attending! really appreciate your time.. I know its taken a while haha! but I hope you stick around to answer some community Qs.

0xbeefy Grill Master (Beefy Team): Thanks a lot @KdotTrades

x · ACryptoS.com (ACS Team): thanks for having us @KdotTrades !

Yprivacymatter (AutoFarm Team): Thanks for hosting us @KdotTrades

Superbeefyboy (Beefy Team): thanks KDOT. feels like an eternity since the Hamy vs SBB AMA. It’s been 3 months only haha.

bEarn.fi | bDollar | Tedtoshi (bEarn Team): thanks for awesome hosting! sure, i’ll stick around~

Flight Commander Miro (JetFuel Team): Thanks @KdotTrades . The hostess with the mostest.

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