Within about a week it’ll finally be here! YEETI will launch its own $YTI token.The purpose of the pre-sale is to attract investors for the development of the Self-Learning Ai YEETI trade robot. Any interest in the pre-sale and/or the story behind YEETI and its YEETI bot? Read more in this article!


YEETI is developing a multi-purpose decentralized investment platform ecosystem with multiple investment tools. Leading with the possibility of staking the $YTI token, and with this the investor gets stake interest at the end of each month and rewarded in $YTI. The more tokens staked, the more rewards for the investor.

Although the staking platform is interesting, one of the most exciting and interesting developments that YEETI has to launch is its very own Self Learning YEETI trade robot.  This is something rare to see especially in the crypto space. A lot of trade robots out there need some sort of knowledge and configuration in order to earn decent interest. Although this isn’t the case with the YEETI bot. The investors can invest with YTI, BNB, ETH and USDT. When the investment is made the YEETI bot starts trade on the markets via a complex AI algorithm. This AI algorithm is self-learned where it learns from mistakes and previous trades, when best to buy and sell or make split second decisions to swap trades between exchange A and B (in the stock market it will also be called Flash Traders). By means of a complex AI algorithm, YEETI can also make a profit when the market is at a loss. YEETI’s goal is not to make double percentage profits per trade, but consistently small profits. This allows YEETI to provide profit in 90% of the cases.

YEETI uses the compound model where the trade robot automatically trades with the investment and the rewarded interest after its 24 hour cycle. For the longer period this means that your small investment will increase much faster over time without adding more funds into it. The investor can withdraw their balance at any time. This will give the investor extra confidence and security that they’re in control instead of a centralized organization.

When the investor chooses to invest with YEETI there will be an option to enable insurance. This insurance assures the investor that if the bot has a slightly lesser day, the investment will be covered and compensated for that day.


  • Is your technical knowledge lacking in trading?
  • Are you afraid to lose funds in yield or liquidity farms?
  • Searching for passive income without too much effort?
  • Run out of time to increase your portfolio/funds?

YEETI has the solution for you where no knowledge or configuration is required.

YEETI and the Initial Dex Offering

The YEETI ecosystem and user dashboard is supported by the $YTI utility token. Utility means that the investor, ambassadors and or token holders are able to stake and receive an interest in $YTI token rewards. The token will also be used for our perk system. For example, by investing with YTI token you pay less fees, higher return on investment and will insure your investment.

To keep the stake platform active in the future, YEETI will automatically buy YTI tokens from exchanges and liquidity pools. YEETI supports its own ecosystem, securing among other things the price will not exceedingly drop and remains stable. This provides extra security for our token holders, ambassadors and investors.

Next week on Friday the 25th of June, 23:00 UTC +2, YEETI is organizing an IDO (Initial Dexchange (Decentralized Exchange) Offering where interested people can buy its own share in the project.

The pre-sale will be open for everyone and will taken place on DxSale [] platform, which is one of the biggest launchpads for tokens. The price of a $YTI token is 0.0004 BNB. When the pre-sale sells out or reaches its cap, 60% of the cap will be noticed to Pancake Swap and locked in a Liquidity Pool. The Pancake Price will be 0.00065 BNB per 1 YTI token.

Win up to 30.000 YTI Airdrop Event

Alongside the pre-sale – YEETI gives the unique chance to win up to 30.000 YTI tokens. YEETI will draw 15 lucky winners at the end of the pre-sale. It is easy to participate in this airdrop event. Your chance here is great if some steps are taken. More about this event and its terms can be found at this MEDIUM article []!

Have you become interested in the YEETI project after reading this article? Or do you want to participate in the presale because you want to support a unique self-learning AI bot development project? Then click on the links below for more information.



30k Airdrop Event:


* to participate in the pre-sale / IDO you need a crypto wallet like MetaMask or TrustWallet. Then you need to link it to DxSale and own some BNB in your wallet to convert it to YTI during the pre-sale.


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