YachtingVerse Launches as the World’s First Marine-Themed Metaverse and SuperApp

YachtingVerse Launches the World’s First Marine-Themed Metaverse and SuperApp for the Yachting Industry

YachtingVerse, the world’s first marine-themed metaverse and SuperApp for the yachting industry, has officially launched. The platform is built on the BNB Chain and designed for use on VR, mobile, and desktop devices.

The YachtingVerse Platform

YachtingVerse is a business-to-business and business-to-individual platform that also enables individual-to-individual transactions. The YACHT token is used as the platform’s native currency, with a ticker symbol of YACHT. The token is a deflationary token with a sell fee of 5% max and a buy fee of 5% max. The YachtingVerse project roadmap is available at yachtingverse.io/#routemap. The project has numerous investors and partners, including BNB Chain, Polygon Studios, Gate NFT, Digitized Asset Valley, Kommunitas, Binstarter, RazrFi, Kenzo Ventures, ICI Ventures, DCT Capital, HVS Ventures, HGC Capital, Kavi Yacht, Phantom, and Koleksiyon.

YachtingVerse’s Unique Selling Points

The blockchain-based metaverse is still in its early stages, with existing issues for users. Most metaverse projects are either poorly designed or offer no real value. YachtingVerse aims to solve these problems and offer yacht and marine industry stakeholders a valuable space to spend time. The total market cap for the industry is $700M. YachtingVerse’s unique selling points are its Platform as a Service (PaaS), highly competitive pricing, efficient use of time, and easy-to-use UX/UI. The platform is ready to launch and has had significant participation in testnet events, easter egg events, staking campaigns, and VR game demos. As of April 2023, YachtingVerse has 80K social media followers.

The YachtingVerse Team and Advisors

YachtingVerse has a full-time team of 35 people, including four board members. The board members are Servet Kalmaz, CEO; Emre Karaca, CTO; Ali Akgul, COO; and Enis Velioğlu, CBDO. Advisors for the project include Robby Joe, CEO of Kommunitas; Serhat Yanar, CEO of Cheersland; Dennis Czempik, CMO of RazrFi; and Hazem Abuzer, Head of BD.

The YachtingVerse Business Model

YachtingVerse’s long-term vision is to reach 100k users in the first place on the application side and to make the project known worldwide, with an exit within five years. The platform’s business model includes app subscriptions, customizations, VR boat shows, commissions, service charges, marketplace, land leasing, boat rent and sale, ad sales and leasing, and more. The YachtingVerse project co-founders have their own capital contribution. The company is funded by both the team and strong VCs and is now actively operating within the industry and earning revenue. The IDO funds will allow the team to accelerate the roadmap achievement and get financial stability in the mid-term.

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