XWorld Games Garners Trading Token Status Following Airdrop on top of Learn and Earn Event

The gaming protocol has registered over 10,000 users, representing a significant milestone in the growth of its ecosystem.

XWorld And XWG Token Gain Prominence

XWorld Games is faring well on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The decentralized gaming platform has gained users’ attraction in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. According to a Tweet made on July 3rd, XWorld announced a new milestone as the protocol reached over 10,000 XWorld players in its ecosystem. What’s more, its native XWG token is the second trending digital currency on the BSC, according to dApp.com


Trending Tokens: $CAKE, $XVG, And $PP Top Rankings

Dapp.com is a cross-chain platform for discovering the best and easy-to-use dApps built on several blockchains. The platform gives information about over 3,000 dApps across different chains while giving rankings by user preferences. On dApp.com, users can view dApp token rankings by Exchange, Gambling, Gaming, Marketplace, etc. As seen on dApp.com, BSC rankings, PancakeSwap token (CAKE), XWorld Games Non-fungible token (XWG), and Adventureland Finance Token (PP) are the trending tokens on the BSC as of July 7th. 

Our primary focus lies on the XVG token. Since announcing its Airdrop event scheduled to hold this month, users have shown increased interest. Also, XWorld Games featured in the BSC Learn and Earn campaign. The four-day campaign (July 2nd – July 6th) hosted by Binance was just completed. It was created for users who want to learn and expand their knowledge of DeFi, with $25,000 in rewards issued to successful participants. 

Successful participants demonstrated their knowledge well during the campaign. XWorld Games, with its powerful user interface for trading NFTs anywhere, was part of the innovation. The appearance of XWorld in the groundbreaking campaign has led to a large influx of users. 


About XWorld Games 

XWorld games is a decentralized blockchain gaming ecosystem built on the BSC. ‘XWorld’ refers to the unknown world ready to be explored, while the ‘Games’ signifies the games of the future. The protocol’s core mission is to bring together the world of gaming and blockchain technology, ensuring that gamers worldwide compete with each other. In short, XWorld Games will be a fun experience with blockchain technology. 

The team decided to create a gaming platform that connects blockchain to many users with gaming interests. Now, they have set their sights on attracting more gamers into the gaming ecosystem. 

Final Thoughts 

XWorld Game’s trending token status can be attributed to its successful appearance on Binance’s Learn and Earn campaign and its upcoming Airdrop event. With over 10,000 users joining its ecosystem, representing a significant milestone, the protocol promises to expand even more if all plans are successful. In XWorld Games, BSC has promoted one of the best decentralized gaming ecosystems globally, and we look forward to more adoption. 

Source : bsc.news

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