XWorld Game x BABT Holder Share $1000 in $XWG Answers

Question 1: What does the BAB acronym mean?
Answer: Binance Account Bound

Question 2: What is a Soulbound token?
Answer: Soulbound tokens are a new type of tokenized credential…

Question 3: BAB-tokens is a… (finish the sentence)
Answer: identity credential for Binance users who completed KYC verification.

Question 4: Select ALL BAB-token features that are applicable:
-Unique: One verified Binance user ID allows the user to mint one BAB token only on a certain chain.
-Revocable: Users can revoke their BAB tokens.
-Non-transferable: Users cannot transfer BAB tokens to other users.

Question 5: What can BAB-holders receive in the 1st Phase in the X World Games ecosystem?
Answer: Receive a one-time airdrop reward or “premium gamer starter pack” for each initial login to any X World Games product.

Question 6: What X World Games products will BAB-holder’s receive benefits from? (select all that apply, so far)
-Dream Card V1 & Dream Card V2
-Hero Card
-Dream Idols

Question 7: BAB-token Requirements: (read all and check all boxes)
Select All

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