XTime – Keeping the Greater Good of Children First in Mind

Along with a BTC-centered dividends system to reward users, the project seeks to improve child education procedures in El Salvador.

Introducing XTime

XTime is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) project based out of El Salvador, being the only token currently that has this background. XTime is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), taking advantage of the chain’s community and low fees. XTime seeks to take advantage of Bitcoin (BTC) becoming a legal tender in El Salvador by building their platform around dividends and revenue acquisition in BTC. The project is governed by the XTM token, and seeks to make the token a usable payment option across the world. 

Along with offering a range of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) products, XTime is dedicated to improving child education in El Salvador. Their charity work is a prime example of how blockchain currencies can be used to benefit communities around the world. 

Benefits of XTime

XTime seeks to provide investors a strong reason to join their platform with a variety of features and products. Their smart contract offers a unique reward system for holders; once a user is holding at least 200,000 XTime tokens, they are eligible to be rewarded every 30 minutes with BTC dividends. Users must mortgage their encrypted assets with XTime in order to receive these dividends. The ROI on these dividends will continue to grow yearly.

This feature takes advantage of the fact that BTC is legal tender in El Salvador, as it essentially directly provides currency for El Salvadorans to use in their daily lives. While this is a huge boon to users from their home country, BTC’s popularity in the mainstream means this is a tantalizing prospect for any investor. 

Charity Work

As previously stated, a primary focus for the project is their charitable work with child education.

XTime will work with UNICEF by donating proceeds from the platform in an effort to build a strong infrastructure of educational support programs in El Salvador.cdn.embedly.com/widgets/media.html?type=text%2Fhtml&key=96f1f04c5f4143bcb0f2e68c87d65feb&schema=twitter&url=https%3A//twitter.com/slv_xtime/status/1450268220502405121&image=https%3A//abs.twimg.com/errors/logo46x38.png

Using their project to donate to noble causes is one of the strongest reasons to give XTime a chance. The team is committed to making a difference and their pledged goals demonstrate this initiative. The team is currently in contact with El Salvador’s Ministry of Education to start funding their initiatives.


Token Name: XTime

Token Ticker: XTM

Total Supply: 420,000,000,000

Locked Period: 1 Year (verified by DxSale)

Token Type: BEP-20

Decimals: 18

BSCScan Page: XTime

Token Address: 0xFF2BF41EC57b897c914E2BAac857D621f4CB1691


Liquidity: 25%

Presale: 15%

Legal Department: 5%

Marketing: 15%

Private Placement: 10%

Charity: 10%

Black-Hole Wallet (Burned): 20% 

Security Measures

XTime has taken a variety of security measures to ensure token stability and protect against exploits. Built into their smart contract is a restriction that prevents trades over 0.2% of the total supply. This prevents mass selloffs which can negatively affect price trends. 

XTime also recognizes that constant swing trading can manipulate token price. The project has added an extra 1% selling fee on top of the 15% transaction fee to incentivize holding over selling. 

XTime has had their smart contract audited by Tech Audit, verifying that there are no risks for exploit.

Future of XTime

XTime has big plans in its roadmap that seek to build a strong community around the project. Capitalizing on the recent popularity of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and their use in GameFi, XTime will be launching their own set of NFT-based games for users to enjoy along with a series of NFT collections. All of these games will earn BTC as revenue – an exciting detail for investors looking for stability behind NFT-based games.

Xtime will also be launching XTimeSwap2.0 as an upgrade to their cross-chain revenue aggregator platform. The launch is in less than 20 days – you can track the progress here!

Concluding Thoughts

XTime offers a unique proposition that helps to promote the wellbeing of El Salvadorans and child education in the country. The BTC dividend mechanics rely on the most globally-trusted crypto, further increasing the strength of the XTime vision.

With a clear vision for what they want to do in the future, XTime is setting itself up for success in the long run. XTime essentially is a public welfare project leveraging the power of blockchain technology to become a potential powerhouse in the industry – both noble and profitable alike for investors to check out.

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