Xion Global – Trusted Crypto Payments For a New Age

The Xion Global project seeks to revolutionize how crypto payments are integrated into a variety of mediums.

Introducing Xion Global

Xion Global is an innovative project that seeks to bring crypto payments into the mainstream, or to be the “Stripe for Web3 Crypto Payments”. Xion allows anyone to add a crypto payment option to their website, or to simply provide a payment link to accept crypto payments for goods or services. 

Xion’s core mission is to revolutionize payment interactions between buyers and sellers. Sellers who utilize Xion can offer extensive incentives for purchasing with Xion, and buyers can reap these benefits – plus have the opportunity to pay in cryptocurrency. Xion Global is built on xDAI and is backed by notable investors, including: GD10; Skyvision Capital; Everse Capital; Lupa X; Metrix Capital; and Twin Apex. Their contracts have all been audited by CertiK and Byterocket to ensure maximum safety for users.

How It Works

Xion Global is extremely simple to set up for use in a variety of settings. Sellers can integrate Xion crypto payments into their website with just two lines of code or provide a checkout link to make payments off-site. In order to activate crypto payments on products, sellers must first create their product listing through Xion. Each payment can be customized to be either a single payment or a recurring charge. This feature could be used to monitor subscription payments, or to offer payment plans for high-ticket items.

Using Xion Global increases the sales audience for merchants to include the rapidly-growing crypto industry, a major boon for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. Xion is also real-world compatible – sellers can create a scannable QR code for use inside physical locations, further adding to Xion’s utility.

Xion also offers easy management for sellers, allowing them maximum control of their Xion-enabled products. Sellers have access to subscription status, checkout control, pricing, billing data, and other important information. 

Why Use Xion Global?

Xion offers a host of benefits for utilizing their payment services with some of the main benefits listed below:

No Chargebacks – With no chargebacks, sellers avoid any potential fraudulent chargeback requests.

0% Transaction fees – No fees means no drawbacks for using Xion to pay.

Cashback Rewards – With incredible cashback rewards of up to 100% in crypto, there are major incentives for using Xion to pay.

Subscription Loyalty Program (NFTs) – Make a one-time payment and users can subscribe to earn major discounts for using Xion.

New Features

Xion Global has recently introduced a group of new features that seek to improve user experience. 

More Accepted Currencies – After starting with only xDAI and XGT as acceptable options, Xion has introduced ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, XRP, and BCH as new payment options.

New Creation UI – With an updated UI, creating Web3 checkout buttons and payment links is smooth and simple.

By adding these new features Xion has made their project even more accessible for both buyers and sellers. Extending payment options means a wider user base can make payments, and the new UI makes setting up new products for sale a simple task.

Upcoming Features

In the near future, Xion will be adding even more features to their service. These new features will increase the exposure of Xion as well as provide new incentives to all users.

Xion plans to introduce APIs and plugins for major retailers, including Shopify, WordPress, and Magneto. This will allow sellers to accept crypto payments on those platforms, a major step forward for integrating cryptocurrency into Web3.

In a partnership with Nextech AR Solutions, Xion will be introducing an Augmented Reality (AR) NFT marketplace. The marketplace will be Xion’s first step into Metaverse offerings; considering the growing demand for Metaverse-related products, this could be instrumental in Xion’s growth.

Along with these exciting new features, Xion will also introduce sales revenue staking for their merchants. This will further incentivize enabling payments through Xion as it serves as passive income on top of their feeless transactions.

Concluding Thoughts

With more than 2,000 users already signed up during their beta launch, Xion Global is already building a strong community. With a highly utilitarian service that leverages the powers of Web3 and blockchain technology, Xion has a unique use case with long-term potential.

Whether you are a consumer looking to maximize your cryptocurrency holdings or a seller who believes cryptos are the future of payment transactions, Xion Global offers a powerful new service to help take your payment transacting into a new era.

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