Xend Finance Celebrate One Year Anniversary

Marketing endeavours by the team have helped see Xend Finance enjoy important growth in the last few months, as the project sets an ambitious marker for the coming year.

Happy Birthday to Xend

As Xend Finance celebrates its one-year anniversary, we consider the important ground the project has made up. From hackathons, to the introduction of yield aggregatorsBSC News has followed the exciting developments along the way. 

The project has been busy at work in recent weeks seeing its platform users surge past the 50k mark in a matter of weeks. The rise in users and project interest is no coincidence and comes in the midst of an educational outreach marketing campaign that has seen the Xend team conduct a University Roadshow, whereby they attend campus’ and help educate the minds of tomorrow. Billboards, flyers and online marketing continue to help the team push on with their ambitious plans. 

“The aim for us at Xend Finance for the remainder of 2022 is to onboard more than 500k none crypto users that experience constant local currency devaluation into DeFi to access high yields,” the team’s Head of Marketing, Kevin Leu exclusively revealed to BSC News. “We plan to achieve this by doubling down on our offline marketing like Universities onboarding and billboards ads, signing partnerships with non-crypto institutions and then expanding to support other African countries.”

The team’s efforts show no sign of slowing, and the ambitious aims for the year ahead may well be attainable if they keep this kind of marketing dedication up.

Source: Users are able to download the app on both iOS and Android.

Educational Marketing

What really sets Xend apart and aids them in this impressive growth is their commitment to reaching out to the community and taking no shortcuts in their organic, on-the-ground marketing. Recently the team has set about touring the University of Nigeria and the University of Lagos as a part of their University Roadshow. The efforts were cemented in attempting to offer students an insight into the possibilities of DeFi, and onboarding plenty of young minds. 

Source: Students were all smiles at the University of Lagos as they learned about utilizing the app to convert local currency to US dollars and earning interest.

The photos from these events encapsulate what crypto is all about, with the smiling young faces learning about what kind of impact the industry could have on their lives. Xend Finance continues to do important work to spread the word in a strategically important part of the world for the industry. Nigeria remains a hub for the cryptosphere and Xend Finance will be hoping to further capitalize on this in the coming year.  

Source: Students get the hang of the app on University of Nigeria campus

The team have recently deployed over fifty billboards and has seen their users double in a matter of weeks. https://cdn.embedly.com/widgets/media.html?type=text%2Fhtml&key=c4e54deccf4d4ec997a64902e9a30300&schema=twitter&url=https%3A//twitter.com/xendfinance/status/1491336374670086144&image=https%3A//abs.twimg.com/errors/logo46x38.png

What 2022 holds in store for Xend Finance we can only guess at, but if the project retains this commitment to onboarding new users then it may well become a hugely important protocol that operates in a strategic part of the world. BSC News will be following Xend Finance’s progress throughout the year. The team has exclusively confirmed that they will be going on the road again to Kenya and Ghana in May, unveiling more billboards and university roadshows.

What is Xend Finance?

Xend Finance is a platform that provides the tools for a decentralized financial credit union. Members can benefit by exchanging their crypto or fiat currency to stable cryptocurrencies and staking it to earn yield or by lending it to earn interest. It is also the first African company to develop a fully operational product on the Binance Smart Chain.

For more on Xend Finance, see the project’s official media links:

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Source : bsc.news

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