X World Games VR Landscape Reveals First 3 Dream Girls

The future looks bright for the metaverse concept, virtual reality shows being just a snippet of its immense potential.

Meet The Dream Girls

Cross-chain gaming metaverse, X World Games (XWG), has unveiled its first generation of Dream Girls. The Dream Girls are an idol group of 4 NFT characters that will perform on stage in an upcoming virtual reality live show in XWG’s metaverse

The XWG community chose the Dream Girls through a vote from February 23 – 24. The top three picks by the community are Betty, Catherine, and Andal, while XWG picked the 4th Dream Girl, Luceo. XWG revealed the result of the vote on February 25:

“Meet the Divas! The votes went to Betty, Catherine, Andal, plus XWG’s official mystery Hero- Luceo! From off the battlefield and onto the stage,” XWG announced in a tweet.


Everyone who voted through XWG’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will receive a complimentary NFT-Ticket to attend XWG VR Landscape’s first show. The rest of the tickets for the first show will be issued through Mystery Boxes to holders of $XWG tokens or other ecosystem assets. XWG will announce the date for the show on its media channels later.

The possibilities inherent in the metaverse concept are beginning to unravel. Before now, most people generally associated the metaverse with blockchain games in a virtual world. But we are beginning to see more metaverse applications: people are now investing in virtual real estate such as in Decentraland, while immersive virtual reality shows like XWG’s are an exciting addition to the utilities we can derive from the virtual metaverse world. 

It is safe to assume that anything in our physical world can be replicated on the blockchain metaverse. As such, we can expect to see some novel metaverse applications as we head into the future. 

What is XWG Games? 

X World Games is a cross-chain decentralized play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. Players earn XWG tokens by playing various games. Users and gamers can collect, create, and trade in-game NFT items as they take part in multiplayer games worldwide.

The games feature NFT gameplay characters with exciting features. Players can also create new characters with diverse appeal and powerful combat attributes.

To find out more about XWG Games, visit these links:

Website | Medium | Twitter | GitHub | Telegram

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