X World Games Announces Migration to Play-to-Earn-to-Stake

The new tokenomics are Play-to-Earn-to-Stake – a fresh new earning system that combines GameFi and DeFi.


X World Games, the blockchain gaming company, announces their completed migration from the Play-to-Earn model to Play-to-Earn-to-Stake – a fresh new tokenomics model and earning system that combines GameFi and DeFi. 

Launched in May, the new game economy model has completed integration into the two active Dream Card series games, Dream Card v1 and Dream Card v2, and into their native staking pools, X Pools. Play-to-Earn-to-Stake was built to bring gamers and DeFi stakers together and is an exciting innovation that will redefine how we look at Play-to-Earn gaming. Previously, X World Games native token ($XWG) was the ecosystem’s primary and sole earning reward.

This new mechanism will tie traditional Play-to-Earn systems and DeFi staking functions into one connected model to fix the single token rewards system issues and improve the requirements for participating in GameFi staking pools.

How it Works

Play-to-Earn-to-Stake introduces a new multi-asset rewards system and a new player’s journey. Players will earn LUCID, the new BEP-1155 asset, by playing either of the Dream Card series games. Functioning as an in-game reward and an NFT-like asset, players can buy, sell, and trade LUCID on the X Marketplace, an X World Games native NFT Marketplace platform. LUCID will replace $XWG as the primary in-game reward and be a multi-utility asset. Earning LUCID will open up DeFi staking pools and allow players to participate in NFT crafting mechanisms. Staking Pools will now be the primary earner for $XWG, creating a full-cycle ecosystem where players must play to earn.

X World Games Develops Onward

Since the completion of the new game economy model integration, X World Games players have participated in the new X Pools (DeFi staking pool), earned LUCID by playing Dream Card games and traded LUCID on the X Marketplace. 

“Upcoming developments in the X World ecosystem are far from done! We will be completing our new tokenomics system by launching our new NFT crafting mechanisms and DAO improvements, introducing a new Lease-to-Earn program and further developing our NFT Marketplace and Wallet,” Edwin Lui, co-founder and CGO, explained. “And we’re constantly expanding our platform with the introduction of our new P2E game coming soon, our new SocialFi-based project in development and growing our VR/Metaverse games and entertainment/idol group, Dream Girls.”

Lui made sure to address the current market conditions and reassure the X World Games community the project isn’t going anywhere.

“Despite market sentiments, we are still building! X World Games will stay invested in Web3 blockchain technologies and the crypto ecosystem for the long haul,” the CGO stated. 

While the traditional Play-to-Earn game model has shown success in many GameFi games, it also has its problems. X World Games’ new tokenomics previews the upcoming changes and the completed Play-to-Earn-to-Stake model. The new tokenomics will be the starting point to developing a stable and engaging game economy, according to the team. 

X World Games aims to be a leader in the Play-to-Earn gaming industry by innovating and developing ways to combat these issues. By constantly developing new crypto-gaming economic models and bringing the best products to our community, X World Games strives to build an ecosystem for all levels.

About X World Games

Founded in 2018, X World Games (“XWG”) aims to build the next-gen decentralized gaming metaverse.

X World Games’ vision is to build a diversified gaming ecosystem that connects traditional gamers with the blockchain world while inviting more game developers into the crypto space by creating and providing the underlying blockchain framework.

With its gaming innovation, a crypto game – Dream Card, NFT Marketplace and DeFi Pool, X World Games now serves over 2 million registered gamers. It has quickly become one of the fastest-growing crypto gaming platforms in the ecosystem.

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