Wrapped Tesla Giveaway Fires Up BabyDoge Community

The Baby Doge community has been fired up by the opportunity to win a brand new Tesla with Baby Doge livery, with the competition Tweet already receiving nearly 5,000 retweets since September 6th.

The Baby Doge-mobile

Baby Doge has finally launched its long-awaited Tesla giveaway. The competition is limited to residents of the USA and Canada, with participation through various means. The primary method is through the competition website, where users are asked to provide an email address to enter.

Interested parties have plenty of time to head over and sign up. The registration will last until November 1, and the draw will follow a week after on November 7th. At the time of writing, there have been over 190,000 entries.

“If you like #DogeCoin You’ll LOVE #BabyDogeCoin as it automatically staked in your wallet and helps save dogs!” said Baby Doge in the competition promo tweet on September 6th.

Baby Doge Coin continues to find ways to excite its users. This week they also announced the launch of a debit card, a wallet, and an exchange for their token. These are big moves from the meme coin that launched just this summer.

The Tesla looking good in its Baby Doge livery | Source

Overall, responses to the competition have generally been positive, with Baby Doge Coin Club capturing the sentiment:

“WOW how it was done was so smooth and awesome. Here you can see the quality of #BabyDoge coders, #crypto community eyes on us and Rocket just a matter of time.”

Community responses are rarely unanimous, with some community members disappointed that their geographical location excluded them from participation.

Additional Entries

While participants can only enjoy one entry via email, bonus entries are possible. For instance, users are invited to follow Baby Doge on its social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

The complete list of bonus entry methods are as follows:

Twitter: Entrants will receive one bonus entry for following the Sponsor on Twitter.

Tweet the Sweepstakes-related post through the provided link and receive twenty-five bonus entries.

Tweet and mention @BabyDogeCoin and receive twenty-five bonus entries.

Instagram: Entrants will receive one bonus entry for following the Sponsor’s Instagram page.

Sponsor’s Website: Visit the Sponsor’s website through the provided link and receive one bonus entry.

YouTube: Subscribe to the Sponsor’s YouTube Channel and receive three bonus entries.

Create a video referencing the Sponsor and receive one hundred bonus entries.

Provide your phone number where requested and receive five bonus entries.

Answer a question where directed by the Sponsor and receive one bonus entry.

Join the Sponsor’s Discord group and receive three bonus entries.

CoinMarketCap: Add Baby Doge Coin to your “watchlist” and receive ten bonus entries.

CoinGecko: Like Baby Doge and receive ten bonus entries.

Join the “Baby Doge Coin Forum” and receive twenty bonus entries.

Submit a new or original Sponsor graphic or meme to the Sponsor and receive fifteen bonus entries.

Telegram: Join the Sponsor’s Telegram and receive three bonus entries.

For the video entry all entrants must be original and belong to the entrant. 

What is Baby Doge?

Baby Doge Coin is the self-declared ‘son’ of DogeCoin. As we reported earlier this month, Baby Doge aims to set itself apart as the hyper-deflationary pooch of the Doge family. The token also incorporates a similar tokenomic mechanism to SafeMoon, with 5% or each transaction redistributed to token holders.

Visit these official Baby Doge links for more information:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Reddit 

Source : bsc.news

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