Women in Web3 Twitter Spaces Offers Important Insight

Four amazing Web3 ladies join this week’s Friday Night Live to speak about the importance of bringing more women online to build the future of finance, art and culture.

Women in the Metaverse

BSC News hosted four women entrepreneurs – engaged in building the future of Web3 –  to discuss the role of females in crypto, technology, and beyond. 

It’s no secret that men have dominated the technology industry practically since its inception. Web3 and crypto don’t seem to be the exception, but women are starting to change that. Joining this week’s Friday Night Live event were:

Coco, founder and artist of Stardust Society

Celi, Head of Marketing at Crypto Tech Women

Maria, co-founder of Everyday Goddesses and Shiny

Vee, an artist with multiple NFT creations

The conversation dived deep into their Web3 experiences, gender differences, the challenges women face in the space and the many benefits they can bring to it.

According to Coco, “there is a huge movement going on, and women are finally getting their share of the pie in crypto. When I first entered the space, a lot of Twitter Spaces were heavily male-dominated, and one of the issues was not being taken seriously for intellectual value. But I do think that has changed a lot.” 

Source: Stardust Society, 7777 dreamers orbiting the metaverse

Some great practical tips also came up for women seeking an online community to help them get to the next level. 

“In real life, my network is mainly male for NFTs and crypto. I think that´s why there are these great communities and projects so that you can connect with other women in the space that are as passionate as you,” Celi Said.

Source: Crypto Tech Women, 8888 NFTs created to empower, educate and help women join Web3

Vee shared how she plans to bring more women to crypto via online and offline community building:

“I started a Telegram chat for anyone interested in the NFT space. Any woman that wants to get involved in Web3 can join this chat. We talk about everything, from personal stuff to supporting each other projects. Now we´re going to host a retreat in Joshua Tree next month, and we´re thinking about doing this every other month to get to know more of the women in the space.”

Source: Vee created the Into the Abyss and the Travel w Me NFT collections

Finally, they also had interesting things to say about how the space would change if the playing field was leveled and more women participated. 

“More balance is always better. The space would be more accepting, more empathetic, and kinder,” commented Maria. “From what I see, every female-led project is incredibly mission-driven. They often have at their core social initiatives empowering artists and women to grow their influence and change the world. It’s not just a project, it’s a revolution.”

Source: Everyday Goddesses, 2222 collectibles bridging mundane & otherworldly.

BSC News is intrigued to see how Web3 will evolve in the upcoming months and years as more women enter the space and help build its future. 

Check out the entire conversation below or on Youtube or Twitter! There’s a lot more! 

Source : bsc.news

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