Women in Blockchain Asia Launches Singapore Chapter

WIBA launches in Singapore and announces its strategic partnership with the Algorand Foundation to bring blockchain education to the fore.

WIBA Arrives in Singapore

Women in Blockchain Asia (WIBA), a non-profit organization, recently launched in Singapore not long after its Malaysian chapter’s launch on May 18.   

The mission-driven non-profit organization aims to foster growth in the blockchain space by enlarging the talent pool of women in Asia. WIBA rallies under the banner ‘Let’s build an inclusive future with the power of Blockchain’ and seeks to promote better representation for women in this industry. 

WIBA, backed by Algorand Foundation, also announced its effort to roll out blockchain certification via institutions of higher learning. WIBA will manage the syllabus and certification under the auspices of the Algorand Foundation and offer it for 12 weeks. 

In an exclusive quote to BSC News, Belinda Lim, the WIBA’s Singapore lead, said: 

“Singapore is a relatively mature market with a significant workforce in Web3.0 and blockchain-related companies. Our aim for Singapore is to serve the ladies through 3 key pillars: education, projects, and skills, of which ladies would be enabled and empowered to advance their journey in the blockchain space. Strategic partnerships with corporates, associations, and communities will be forged to improve gender diversity and inclusion.”

Source: WIBA launches its Singapore chapter as it moves to equip women with knowledge through education 

WIBA’s Regional Plans 

WIBA’s announcement of its collaborations with the Algorand Foundation and Untam3d is the first of many to come. In addition, there will be more regional linkages to allow for cross-border collaborations for women in blockchain. 

Sources: WIBA aims to be the platform for women to form a cohesive voice in the blockchain space and champion the growth and advancement of a blockchain-enabled future

Singapore is an important blockchain hub both regionally and globally because its government adopts an inclusive policy that fosters innovation through blockchain. This makes Singapore an ideal jurisdiction for WIBA to push its initiative in steering women’s talents to leadership positions. 

Jasmine Ng, the co-founder, and treasurer of WIBA, told BSC.News

“We are overwhelmed by the response we have received at our Singapore launch party. This serves as great encouragement for us to do more for a more inclusive economy with blockchain. We are now planning for our Philippines launch party by year-end and hope more ladies can join us then.” 

WIBA has set its sights on the Philippines as its next chapter on its roadmap in championing the role of women. The organization will be forging partnerships with industry players, educational institutions, governments, and other organizations to provide community support networks for women in Asia. 

Source: Jasmine Ng, one of the co-founders of WIBA, spoke passionately about women’s role and contribution to the blockchain industry given the right resources and platform.

What is WIBA:

Women in Blockchain Asia (WIBA) is a non-profit organization with the vision to create an inclusive economy with women in Asia as leaders in the blockchain industry. It aims to inspire more female participation in blockchain-based causes and empower women with knowledge, skills, tools, and resources. It is also a platform to shape an inclusive future and a collaborative ecosystem of women supporting women. 

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Source : bsc.news

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