Wombat Exchange Announce Release Date for Beta Launch

Wombat had a successful testnet and has optimized its platform in preparation for full launch.

Wombat Ready For Beta Launch

Upcoming multi-chain stableswap protocol, Wombat Exchange, has announced the launch date of its beta mainnet. 

Wombat revealed in a Medium post on April 20 that its beta mainnet would go live on April 25.  The announcement follows the successful completion of the platform’s testnet phase on April 3. The protocol indicated that it used feedback obtained during testnet to refine its platform extensively. It hopes that using the exchange during the beta phase would be a worthwhile experience for the community.

“After much anticipation, we are excited to announce the launch of our Beta mainnet on 25 Apr 2022. Wombat Exchange is determined to outperform current stableswaps on the market, and we’re ready to roll our innovative protocol…” Wombat wrote in the post.


When the beta mainnet goes live, users will be able to perform stableswaps across four stablecoins: USDT, USDC, DAI, and BUSD, at ultra-low slippage for maximum swap yield. Users could also provide liquidity for the 4 stablecoins supported by Wombat. The platform projects the official launch of the mainnet to take place in May, soon after the beta phase.

To prepare the grounds for its launch, Wombat’s smart contract has passed PeckShield‘s security audit. Two other audits with Hacken and Zokyo are also in progress. While no platform can be said to be 100% secure, Wombat is trying to demonstrate to its prospective users that it takes the security of users’ assets seriously in an industry that has become wary of frequent exploits. Ultimately, Wombat’s fortunes would depend on how well it delivers on its promise to give users a better stableswap experience than existing competitors.

What is Wombat Exchange:

Wombat Exchange is a multi-chain stableswap focused on fueling DeFi growth and promoting its product’s scalability, accessibility, and efficiency in the multi-chain space. The protocol allows users to swap stablecoins at minimal slippage and stake at maximum yield.

Where to find Wombat Exchange:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Discord 

Source : bsc.news

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