Winlambo Gives Away It’s First Lambo!

210,000 BUSD Winlambo Raffle!

A lucky holder took home 210,000 BUSD in Winlambo’s first Lambo Draw last Sunday June 6th!

The winner was sleeping at the time of the draw and had no idea they won. In the meantime, the community waited anxiously to see whether the winner would claim their prize within the 1 week time limit. Sure enough, a few hours later, the winning address claimed their prize by sending 0.0001 BNB to the lambo fund.

They were then sent 210,000 BUSD from the Lambo Fund!


The winner reacted, “I woke up and saw oh wow someone actually won, then I saw the address on twitter and was like hang on a second…. is that? WAIT WHAT?”. The winner made an appearance in the voice chat in the official Winlambo telegram group and thanked the team for making this possible. The winner was also gracious enough to tweet about their win.

Wow got the biggest surprise of my life when I woke up this morning. Still can’t believe it!

Thanks so much to the WINLAMBO team & community. I have been in crypto for years and this is the best thing that has happened to me! Absolutely life changing!#WINLAMBO @Winlambos— Roybus (@roybus6969) June 7, 2021

They claimed that this win will allow them to help their parents out with some bills as well as make it possible for them to buy a full Bitcoin to add to their investment portfolio!

The first Lambo draw was suspenseful and ended with a beautiful win for a lucky member of the Winlambo community. The Winlambo team is now sinking into their groove; working hard everyday to establish, market, and enhance the system. The team and community embody a growth mentality and plan on pumping out Lambos to community members on the Binance Smart Chain on a regular basis!


This transaction represents the request to Chainlink for the random number that was used for the Lambo draw:

This transaction represents the response from Chainlink with the random number that was used for the Lambo draw:

The winning ticket was “580,594,967” and matched the ticket held by the winning address “0xcb89B089c3FE69C507FEBCea5717bce5faBc584b“!

More about Winlambo

Winlambo burst on the BSC scene as a Lambo generating token that gives its holders consistent passive income and lifetime chances at winning 210k BUSD!

The Winlambo team grew tired of seeing basic RFI fork “memecoins” pop up on the daily and wanted to give the people more. So they decided to take the RFI base a step further by building an innovative system that can literally pump out lambos to its community members as it grows!

WINLAMBO tokens are your tickets. Each token in the system is issued a corresponding ticket number between 100,000,001 and 999,999,999 that can be verified on chain. Reflections from each transaction go to feeding the system in a positive feedback loop as it grows.

Holders receive passive income from every WINLAMBO transaction that takes place on BSC!

An additional benefit to holders is that their WINLAMBO tokens function as tickets for the Lambo Draws and never expire as long as they hold those tokens. Lambo draws happen each time the Lambo fund is full and pay out a whopping 210,000 BUSD to the address holding the winning ticket!

The winning ticket is determined by the first 9 digits of a large random number that is generated on chain by interacting with Chainlink’s VRF smart contracts. This makes sure the draws are provably fair and tamper proof! To learn more about WINLAMBO, visit the links below.





Source : bsctimes

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