WIBA Advocates Gender Inclusion in the Blockchain Industry Through Empowerment

WIBA aims to increase women’s participation in the blockchain industry as valuable contributors.

Inclusive Future for Female Talents

Women in Blockchain Asia (WIBA) recently held its launch party and fireside chat on May 18 in Kuala Lumpur to inspire and enable more women to participate in the blockchain industry.  

The blockchain industry can thrive by making the space more welcoming to female talents, according to a candid yet honest group discussion with the founding members. In an exclusive quote to BSC News, Ida Mok, WIBA’s President, maps out the team’s mission and vision:

“WIBA will be launching in Singapore and the Philippines this year. It is our call to all women to come, participate and be an impact that leads to an inclusive economy in the blockchain industry. We hope for more women to join this chorus for all of Asia.”  

Source: WIBA believes that women can contribute meaningfully to the blockchain space if they are equipped with the right knowledge, skills, tools, and resources

Luno, a regulated digital exchange platform in Malaysia, released its data that female users have grown from 16,000 in 2020 to more than 120,000 in 2021. This is a 650% sizeable increase as crypto is rapidly gaining acceptance as a mainstream asset. 

Ivy Fung, one of the founding team members of WIBA, speaks of her experience as a builder in a predominantly male-dominated industry.

The inaugural event by WIBA was warmly accepted as the event space was filled to the brim as the speakers shared their experience in an industry that has more male participation. 

Creating More Women Leaders

WIBA also aims to groom future female leaders in the blockchain space apart from being a platform where like-minded individuals can find a conducive and supportive community.  

The non-profit organization aims to pave the way for more female leaders to succeed in the blockchain space through a focused support system.

There is undoubtedly a gender gap in the blockchain industry. Female talents can be groomed to fill this gap. The growth in this space also means abundant opportunities to anyone that fits the role regardless of gender. If equipped and empowered, women will be a meaningful fit for the ecosystem. 

What is WIBA:

Women in Blockchain Asia (WIBA) is a non-profit organization with the vision to create an inclusive economy with women in Asia as leaders in the blockchain industry. It aims to inspire more female participation in blockchain-based causes and empower women with knowledge, skills, tools, and resources. It is also a platform to shape an inclusive future and a collaborative ecosystem of women supporting women. 

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