What Will the Blockchain Industry Evolve Into?

Behind a a strong sustainable economic message and attractive rewards, Xrp Classic has achieved a succesful first month.

Nature has been suffered a lot due to the ongoing pollution generated from blockchain networks!

The goal of ReFi is to “redesign money to heal the earth.”

Xrp Classic can help push through and lead a new bull run with its regenerative finance (ReFi) economic model.

#XrpClassic aims to bring up the non-carbon blockchain solution!

The strong economic mission behind the project has attracted over 1,000 new users in the first month. The ReFi economic theory counters the anti-ecological arguments that befall the crypto industry while ushering in a new model for a sustainable future.

This is just the beginning!

Another reason for the initial success is the rewards afforded to the Xrp Classic community and its token holders. XRPC holders receive an attractive 6% XRP reflection from every on-chain transaction in the ecosystem. The rewards are automatically sent to the user’s wallet for the convenient growth of the original and popular XRP token.

Xrp Classic is also progressing through its roadmap to help drive success. The project has overcome initial milestones in Phase 1, like the website launch and audit. The next steps in Phase 2 will include partnerships, more listings, and overall ecosystem growth.

For the crypto industry to emerge from the bear market, there will need to be new catalysts in the market leading with innovative solutions for the future. XRP Classic has also secured partnerships with Mises Blockchain and Hest Labs, plus it has a billboard advertisement in New York City’s Time Square.

About ReFi:

ReFi stands for ‘regenerative finance’ & is rooted in the theory of regenerative economics which explores how to create systems that restore & maintain physical resources essential for human wellbeing.

ReFi specifically sits at the intersection of climate and blockchain.

The goal of ReFi is to “redesign money to heal the earth” and has a vision of collaboration at scale.

Hear more from Xrp Classic, who provides a great introduction to this space:

What is Xrp Classic?

Xrp Classic is a project established to create its own ReFi blockchain.

Xrp Classic follows a regenerative finance economic theory that explores how to create systems that restore and maintain physical resources essential for human wellbeing.

Xrp Classic is proud to be the pioneer to bring up the non-carbon blockchain solution.

Don’t miss Xrp Classic which aims to lead in the new world to be established!

Source : bsc.news

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