What Kind of Future Will BTCPi Bring to SpacePi

The purpose of SpacePi and BTCPi is to break the problem of class solidification and change the fate of this generation, according to its team.

The Growth of SpacePi

Since its birth on March 14, 2019, Pi Network has covered 233 countries and regions around the world. It has accumulated nearly 40 million active users in four years, and the number of user downloads has reached 160 million. A great blockchain encryption revolution is slowing down. Slowly open the giant curtain!

The team believes that the Pi Network project can attract the attention of the global market in a short period of time, which has a lot to do with its innovative economic model. The Pi Network economic model almost instantly kills all Internet traffic models, and also upgrades the current economic model of blockchain projects. 

The mechanism shows the greed of human nature incisively and vividly. The greed here refers to the driving force for the continuous upward development of human beings. It truly brings into play the spirit of high autonomy, high sharing and high freedom of the blockchain.

As a member of the Pi Network pioneer community, SpacePi promotes the belief and consensus, future and value of Pi Network to the outside world. SpacePi’s mission is to build a simple ecosystem on Pi Network, including global payment system, metaverse, NFTs, and swapping, to benefit Pi Network members and blockchain users around the world. SpacePi has taken the first steps towards a more inclusive and innovative financial system.

The SpacePi project deploys contracts in the BNB Chain ecosystem, and creates a spiritual home of Pi Network culture on BNB Chain. SpacePi has nearly 3 million currency holding addresses on BNB Chain (according to the team, the official SpacePi NFT has been minted, and in the future It is very likely to be mapped back to the Pi Network ecological chain).

SpacePi has been included on multiple blockchain platforms such as CoinMarketCap, CK, Coinbase, Dextools, and others. It also has cooperated with multiple platforms such as Pi Network, Openmeta, Bitkeep, GO+plus, and more.


BTCPi is the main coin of SpacePi, and the purpose of BTCPi issuance is as follows:

1. Reduce the circulation of SpacePi in the market. Since the launch of BTCPi, the total circulation of SpacePi in the market has decreased by 35% (the total circulation of SpacePi in the market is 28%)

2. Benchmarking Bitcoin, BTCPi was not born out of greed, fraud, or speculation, but out of the enthusiasm of the BTC community. They hope to see the Bitcoin of Pi Network’s ecological chain continue to become peer-to-peer electronic cash in the future

3. Prove to the global Pi Network community the difference between the SpacePi pioneer community and other Pi Network pioneer communities

As the main coin of SpacePi, BTCPi has a total circulation of 21 million. On launch day, BNB Chain will directly destroy 17 million pieces and 2 million pieces in the BTCPi mining pool (the mining cycle is 8 years, and the production will be reduced in 2024, and then the production will be reduced every 4 years), With a liquidity of 3 million pieces, BTCPi adopts multi-currency simultaneous mining such as BTC, ETH, DOGE, SHIB and other currencies combined mining; the current price of BTCPi is 0.3 USD, and the team believes that it will soon exceed 10 USD.

Where to find BTCPi:


Source : bsc.news

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