What is the Legends of Venari Content Creator Program?

The LoV team is offering incentives to first members in order to build a strong creator network.

Creators in Caerras

Legends Of Venari, a PlayAndEarn blockchain game built on the Polygon ($MATIC) chain, has opened applications for a program focused on content creation

Twitter thread on July 12 announced the benefits of being one of the game’s first members of their content creation program. Apart from early access to exclusive content, APIs and Discord roles, successful creators will also get LoV-owned Alpha passes, giveaways for their community, and promotion through all of the game’s social media channels.

“As a creator, it was not hard for me to make content, and introduce the game to friends and family,” Trap Queen, an OG creator in the LoV community, told BSCNews. “It’s so relevant and beautifully crafted. Their support for the creators show that this bond is long term and inspires the community to share the magic it brings to the space. They continue to show the metaverse a priority of building excellent gameplay first.”


Content is divided into five major categories – Audio, Tools, Creatives, Video, and Written content. Those interested to apply should be positive members of the community, be at least 18 years old with a MetaMask account, and be part of LoV’s Discord group. Content they create must also be original.

Creator programs are starting to become a staple within blockchain gaming metaverses. Thetan Arena also has their version of a creator program, while Axie Infinity sponsors their community to NasAcademy creator scholarships.

Those interested in applying for LoV’s creator program need to fill out this form.

What is Legends Of Venari

Legends of Venari is a creature-catching PlayAndEarn blockchain game built on the Ethereum network. Players collect creatures called Venaris, which are off-chain NFTs, and look to sell them on the marketplace. Passes are needed to access the game. These passes also facilitate the scholarship split for guilds.

Where to find Legends of Venari:

Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Medium | Discord

Source : bsc.news

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