What is Spooky Inu? BNB’s Most Horrifying Dog Coin

By winning a royalty NFT from Spooky Shiba’s collection, holders are entitled to a share in profit making.

Meet Spooky Shiba

Launched in October 2021, Spooky Shiba is a gaming project on BNB chain. Referred to as the first “Horror themed” token, the Spooky Shiba project is built around its NFT marketplace, where holders of Spooky Shiba tokens ($SPKY) can play games to win prizes.

Spooky’s Scratch Card Game

$SPKY holders are automatically entered into daily and weekly lotteries featuring the unique horror-themed Spooky Shiba’s Scratch Card Game.

According to the project, to be qualified to participate in the scratch card games, a holder must have at least $100 worth of SPKY tokens. A holder with $300 or more of SPKY tokens can play three times per day.

Prizes for winning the scratch card games include one of 111 tiered Spooky Shiba Royalty Non-Fungible Token (NFTs). Royalty NFT holders are entitled to earn a commission on all transactions conducted within the Spooky Shiba Marketplace, depending on the tier of the NFT.

Spooky Shiba NFTs

The project’s NFT collection consists of 222 tiered NFTs (common, rare, and legendary). Out of the collection 111 NFTs are reserved as lottery prizes, while the other 111 will be made available for sale on the project’s Spooky Mints NFT marketplace, which is still in development.

According to the project’s whitepaper, “NFT sets will be dropped throughout each calendar year with emphasis placed on spooky times of the year, including Halloween and Friday the 13th.”

To Be Announced: Horror Metaverse

As outlined in its whitepaper, the project intends to launch a horror metaverse that will be an interlinked ecosystem powered by the Spooky Shiba token and where community members can have a say in deciding the future of the metaverse.

SPKY Token

Initially launched as SPOOKYSHIBA on Oct. 28 2021, the project’s token migrated to SPKY on July 6, 2022.

At $0.0777 per SPKY on July 19, the token’s price has declined by 23% since the migration. Also, the token’s daily trading volume has dropped from $121,218 to $4,403. 

What Is Spooky Shiba:

Built by developer Ren Taylor, who goes by the alias; LowgunPaul, Spooky Shiba is a horror-themed game launched on BNB Chain. The project lets holders of its SPKY tokens participate in daily and weekly lotteries wherein they can partake in unique horror-themed scratch-card games to win prizes, including an NFT from Spooky Shiba’s Royalty NFTs Collection. 

Where to find Spooky Shiba:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Discord

Source : bsc.news

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