Besides a recent explosion of Axie Infinity in the Play to Earn segment, Microzilla – Malaysia’s first Metaverse project is also a very potential game. Currently, Microzilla is attracting a lot of attention from gamers in Southeast Asia in particular and the World in general. The game will be launched later this month.

I. What is Microzilla?

Microzilla is a 3D virtual pet game project combining traditional pet games and DeFi, developed under the Play to Earn model on the Binance Smart Chain platform. This is the first Metaverse project of Malaysia and also the first project of Gemfi company.


Through the Play to Earn mechanism, the development team aspires to create an interesting platform that provides passive income, helping people achieve their financial goals in life.

In the game’s world, there are many creatures called …Microzillas. Players will experience the feeling of raising these pets, increasing their level and strength to compete with other players’ animals and receive valuable token rewards. Moreover, you can also earn more profit from other activities such as: buying and selling pets on the marketplace, staking NFT animals to earn tokens. It’s great, isn’t it?


II. Gameplay

1. Overview

Getting started with Microzilla is easy. First, go to the game’s store and choose to purchase an egg to unlock your own pet, each with its own rarity and Stake multiplier.

With these Microzillas, you can raise them. Once you’ve become strong and confident, bring your mighty beast to battle against the beasts of other players.


If you win, you will receive extremely attractive crypto rewards, thereby withdrawing capital and making profits. Also, if you feel your Microzilla beast is too cool, you can sell it on the Marketplace and earn an even more attractive sum.

2. Play-2-Earn

MicroZilla will introduce their own in-house NFT-based P2E Game.. The game will also feature a PVP mode to encourage friendly competition between players.


Players can spin the Zilla Wheel every week to win exciting prizes like Weapons and Cosmetics for their MicroZillas. Players can combine Weapons and Cosmetics with their MicroZillas to increase their abilities and make them more individual.

Chances of winning a prize in Zilla Wheel will increase as owning NFT Land will give daily lucky points, players will have to collect these lucky points daily spinning Zilla Wheel over the weekend. (note: players can save their lucky points to spin at a later time to ensure higher odds)

Obtained NFT Land will also allow MicroZillas to recharge energy faster when using PVP mode to earn more rewards.

3. Staking

Players can stake their MicroZillas to earn high APY returns from MicroZilla Tokens. The tokens can be used to purchase MiroZilla Eggs, NFT Land and many others to further improve the capabilities and value of their MicroZillas.


Betting options include:
. Option 1: Standard group (No lock time)
. Option 2: Group of 15 days (Lockdown period of 15 days)
. Option 3: 30-day group (30-day lockout period)
* There will be a 75% penalty for early withdrawal.

4. Marketplace

The MicroZilla community will use the marketplace to trade, buy or auction for their favorite MicroZilla.

There will be a 3% fee on all purchases and sales!

III. Microzilla Token

MicroZilla (MIZL) is a BEP-20 token issued on the Binance Smart Chain with a total fixed supply of 1 Billion Tokens

– Reasonable buy and sell taxes will be exercised to support our continuous development of MicroZilla’s ecosystem. Taxes are necessary to provide liquidity, buy back and marketing programs to ensure an excellent growth of new investors and an increasing floor price of our token.

– Currently, 2% will go to the liquidity pool and 6% for marketing and buyback.

Total supply 1,0,000,000,000 (10 billion)
5% private sale
5% game reward
30% presale
30% staking (locked for stake)
10% game development (locked)
5% marketing (locked)
5% team (locked)
10% exchange (locked)

Buy Tax:
. 1% tax on each buy transaction is set aside to automatically generate liquidity inside PancakeSwap liquidity pools
. 3% of each buy transaction will be earmarked for Marketing and buy-back purposes.

Sell Tax
. 2% tax on each buy transaction is set aside to automatically generate liquidity inside PancakeSwap liquidity pools
. 6% of each buy transaction will be earmarked for Marketing and buy-back purposes.


IV. Plan and roadmap

1. Microzilla in the future

MicroZilla is a project built for the long term. The developer has committed to taking this project to greater heights over time.

Continuous character development
There will be continuous character development to stay up to date with the latest trends

Limited Edition Seasonal Drops
The seasonally discounted limited edition is planned to keep the MicroZilla community excitedly active..

Southeast Asia will be the main market
With a focus on Southeast Asia, there are plenty of opportunities to combine geographic features unique to each market.

Future development of cross-chain
Develop cross-chain scaling across multiple networks to increase our market share in the crypto space.


2. Roadmap

Presale On Pinksale (Audit & KYC)
Listing on PancakeSwap
Listing on CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap
Order Certik Audit
Release Additional NFT’s Zillas
Cross Chain Market (ETH, SOLANA)
Worldwide Huge Marketing

Top tier Cex partnerships + listing
Asian cex listing + partnerships
Releasing more arcade games
Real world entertainment partnerships
Complete Crosschain for SOL , POLYGON + ERC
Partnerships with other projects
Real world exhibition for Microzilla

Top 10 Cex partnerships
Continue development for our game
Releasing more NFT + partnerships
Cross platform partnerships with Gemfi projects

Get ready to enter the fascinating world of Microzilla and hunt for great rewards! 

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