What Is Farmfol.io and How Does It Work?

farmfol.io is an intelligent portfolio manager that allows users to easily monitor Binance Smart Chain assets on a number of protocols including autofarm, PancakeBunny and PancakeSwap. The project aims to offer users high-quality tracking services in DeFi and yield farming with total wallet balance, staked tokens, and liquidity rewards, among the many metrics which are tracked automatically.

Farmfol.io has witnessed exponential growth since its launch in mid-February of this year. Incredibly the product began life as a weekend project for Maxime Janton, aka iam4x, created in response to what he saw as a gap in the existing market. Janton was a self-declared fan of the tracking capabilities of yieldwatch but believed he could add his own unique spin on the concept by leveraging Timescale database technology. The result of his labour was a powerful yield farm tracker which swiftly won over considerable numbers of users. At time of press, the DApp is now tracking over $1 billion in assets across a multitude of platforms. 

The Dashboard

The farmfol.io dashboard was developed with Hasura instant realtime GraphQL APIs in conjunction with the next.js React framework. Chief programmer and designer Maxime Janton alsoe used Tailwind and Recharts to create the final UI/UX design. The result of his effort is a slick, intuitive, and easily comprehensible dashboard, presented in an easy-on-the-eye navy blue. farmfol.io is clearly designed for fans of dark mode, with no light option available. Perhaps in subsequent iterations of the DApp such an option will be made available.

Three buttons at the top of the page allow the user to toggle the charts to time periods of either a day, a week or a month.

The farmfol.io overview screen

Further down the page farmfol.io displays assets broken down by the protocol on which they’re hosted. Below is an example of CAKE and BUNNY on PancakeBunny.

The PancakeBunny overview screen

It is also possible to select from a variety of chart views, with the options varying depending on the capabilities of the protocol itself. In the PancakeBunny example above nine views are possible including “Staked in USD”, “Staked in Token” and “Price” – which come pretty much as standard on all protocol views. The PancakeBunny charts add more intriguing views such as “$Cake Rewards”, “$Bunny Rewards” and “TVL”.

The only slight drawback of the UI/UX is that to change the time period displayed in the protocol level charts you have to scroll back to the top of the page to where the time buttons are located. It would be more convenient to add granular time controls to each individual protocol/section so the user could avoid scrolling up and down the page when changing view.

Source : bsc.news

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