What is Crypto Galaxy? Let’s learn about this promising NFT Game project and its upcoming extremely exciting events

Crypto Galaxy is a BNBChain-based blockchain SLG game. Gamers may establish accounts to buy, upgrade, and grow planets, as well as from Planet Alliances to begin Galaxy Exploration, uncover resources, battle other planet lords, or amass a fortune by occupying stars. To win galactic conflicts and increase your fortune, you must create planet-building clusters and use numerous techniques, including construction, army production, exploration, and star bidding.

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In addition to being a game, Crypto Galaxy is also a DAO-run community of self-evolving gamers. The majority of gaming money will either be paid to participants in the community or deposited into the DAO’s treasury. The community will fuel investment and the growth of the gaming ecosystem.

Crypto Galaxy’s profitability depends on the growth of its community. In addition to the incentives players get for playing the game, the protocol will also give a fraction of the value generated by new players to inviters. This system’s expansion will provide long-lasting benefits.

In contrast to the majority of GameFi projects’ user rewards, which are highly dependent on the price rise of game-native tokens, the majority of Crypto Galaxy’s rewards are distributed in the form of other core assets in the BNB Chain ecosystem, such as BNB and XVS, so the rewards will be more stable and sustainable.

Strategy and Vision

Crypto Galaxy is a remedy for the prevalent lack of playability in the GameFi region. Based on a well-known game situation, the project effectively included tactics and generated many resource consumption scenarios. You can see this in the early gameplay of Planet Alliance and Galaxy Tycoon, and you will see it in the future integration with other GameFi projects with interstellar themes (potential partnerships will be announced gradually), as well as cooperation with GameFi’s most popular projects on BNB Chain and further IP collaboration. Crypto Galaxy will often change the game’s atmosphere and gameplay. They seek to establish an open-source environment to accept additional aspects of collaboration, break away from the stereotype of specialized topics, and provide various gaming for players.

In addition, esports built on fan economics will provide Crypto Galaxy with power to grab conventional players. After the user base develops and the market expands, Crypto Galaxy will also provide a beneficial communication and social system by merging GameFi and SocialFi and organizing regular tournaments to promote the game.

How to join the game


First, you need a wallet that supports BNB Chain. MetaMask is recommended for PC gamers. Additionally, BNB is required for gas fees.


You must then apply for and activate your gaming account.

Each account’s NFT avatar costs 2000 DSG (alternatively, you can use BNB). This NFT will serve as your identification and login information. It cannot be transferred. After your identity has been generated, you may choose a unique nickname. The nickname cannot be identical to that of an existing user.

Invite Friends

Additionally, you may invite your friends to join the game. As a reward, when the invitee uses your invitation link to access the game and pays DSG to create an account, you will get 5% of the invitee’s future spending on Planet Boxes and Planet Collision, as well as 3% of the invitee’s trading volume of the game’s basic token BOX.

There are a few unique notes here. As seen in the section under “Core token: BOX,” the team has fixed the transaction tax and distributed it fairly. A part of which will be allocated to successful inviters.

After completing the aforementioned preparations, you may experiment with the following forms of gameplay:
➣ Manage and own your worlds
➣ Assemble Planetary Alliances and deploy Troops Using Core Battle Gameplay
➣ Join Galaxy Exploration to acquire a variety of materials and potential game objects.
➣ Participate in Galaxy Tycoon gaming to gain the core token BOX, and stake BOX to get protocol incentives.

Before participating, you must have a comprehensive understanding of Crypto Galaxy’s token economy.

In-game Consumption of Tokens

The primary consumption tokens of Crypto Galaxy are $BNB, $BOX, and the three resource tokens.

To get improved production efficiency, unlock new kinds of soldiers, and supply BUFF for troops, for instance, players must spend $BOX and resource tokens to upgrade planets and their structures.

In the Occupy Star game, tickets must be purchased with $BOX.

Core Token: BOX

Besides BOX, NFT is also the core asset of the protocol. Both BOX and NFT are the value carriers of the protocol. Players gain control over the core resources of the protocol by holding BOX and NFT, and they can use them to capture the value generated by the protocol. In the early stage of the project, users can share the benefits of protocol growth through token incentives and protocol income distribution, and the “Galaxy Exploration” and “Galaxy Tycoon” gameplays will help achieve this. In the future, new iterations will also empower NFT more, benefiting players who have invested in their NFT. At the same time,  they will also focus on adding external revenue in the next stage of the protocol.

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Initial Cap and Inflation

The initial cap is 10 billion, the game launches one year following an annual rise of 2 billion, and future caps may be altered based on the real scenario through governance.

Token Distribution

● 3% for Airdrop
● 15% for Marketing and Liquidity, of which:
● 2% for INO
● 1% for Initial liquidity and LP burning
● 12% for Marketing, 1% of which will release immediately, and the rest will be unlocked linearly in a year
● 20% for Ecosystem Fund, 1% will be unlocked two weeks after the launch, and the rest will be released linearly within 6 months.
● 62% for P2E, which will be distributed in-game

Token Transaction Tax

BOX tokens have an 18% transaction tax, of which:
 5% goes to BOX’s LP, which can increase the depth of token trading
 5% exchanges into XVS and goes to the Reward Pool, which will be distributed to BOX staking users
 4% goes to the developer fund, which will cover the development and operation cost of the project
 3% distribute to users’ inviter as a reward
 1% is directly burned

BOX Staking

BOX holders may only participate in system voting and reward distribution after staking their BOX.

➧ Staking Rules

BOX’s staking rules are derived from the governance fund pool of Curve DAO and Alpaca. Alpaca has enhanced the governance and incentive model of Curve, which is one of the best practices in the Web3 community. You have the option of locking your BOX tokens for anything between one day and six months. After staking, you will receive vBOX as your staking credential, which will represent your weight in the Crypto Galaxy Reward Pool and your voting rights in future governance. One BOX locked for six months equals one vBOX. Your vBOX balance will decline linearly over time, reaching 0 once all of your BOX have been unlocked. The longer you keep your BOX locked, the more vBOX you will acquire, which will give you a greater weight in reward distribution and future governance voting privileges.

Example A:
Bob locks 100 BOX for 6 months; he owns 100 vBOX.
3 months later, Bob’s vBOX balance will be 50.

Example B:
Alice locks 100 BOX for 3 months, and she gets 50 vBOX.
Later, she changed her mind and wanted a higher reward multiplier, so she extended the locking period from 3 months to 6 months. Now her vBOX balance is 100.

➧ Exit Fee
To unlock the staking $BOX before its maturity, users must pay an exit cost of a specified percentage. The departure rate is computed by multiplying the number of the remaining staking days by 0.55%. The lower the departure rate, the closer the maturity date. 70% of the exit fee is allocated to the Staking Reward Pool for distribution to stakers, while 30% is allocated to the Reserve Pool.

➧ Tips
It cannot be transferred since vBOX is not a token.
– To guarantee you always get the greatest reward distribution, you may prolong the locking period prior to the weekly snapshot time (up to 6 months)
– You may at any moment add BOX to your locked position or prolong the locking duration.
– There can only be one locked position associated with a single wallet address. If you want various locked positions with varying locking durations, you must have multiple wallet addresses.
– Unlock daily at the same time as the distribution of rewards: 0:00 a.m. UTC

Staking users’ rewards

You may share the protocol’s Reward Pool by staking $BOX. The majority of the protocol’s revenue will be allocated to the Reward Pool, while the remainder will be allocated to the Reserve Pool. The former has the following sources of revenue:
● 5% of the 18% $BOX transaction tax will be converted into $XVS, of which 80% will go to the Reward Pool.
● The Reward Pool receives 80% of the $BNB expended when obtaining planets via Discover/Collision gaming (see “Play Encyclopedia” for information).
● After subtracting the premium paid to the previous Galaxy Lord, 80% of the Galaxy Auction bidding amount goes to the Reward Pool.
● 40% of the Star Challenge’s $BOX challenge fee goes to the Reward Pool.
● Reward Pool receives 80% of the transaction royalties from the project’s NFTs.
20% of the $BOX used by Planet Building enhancements are contributed to the Reward Pool.
● 70% of the staking exit fee is allocated to the Reward Pool, which will be disbursed periodically to users that staked $BOX. It will distribute 1/12 of the pool prizes daily, and users who stake may receive their portion.
● 70% of VIP Member program revenue is allocated to the Reward Pool.

Other Tokens


The game is built on Planet Alliance’s operating unit, which comprises five Planet NFTs. New players are required to spend $BNB to complete at least one Discover mission in order to get five Planet NFTs.

$BNB is the primary currency needed to upgrade rare Planets and Planet Cultivation levels.

BNB is also one of the Reward Pool’s core tokens.


Before entering the Crypto Galaxy world, players must construct a digital identity by using 2,000 $DSG or $BNB of similar value (DID). Details of DID, such as creation time and in-game history, will also factor into future game expansions and CG’s partnerships with partner projects.


BOX has a transaction tax of 18%, of which 3% (the absolute amount, not the ratio value) will be used to purchase XVS and added to the reward pool.

Resource token

Planet operation, facility upkeep and renovations, and Galaxy army recruiting all demand resources in Crypto Galaxy. There are three classifications of assets:

⧫ Energy: necessary for the functioning of structures and armies; without it, nothing will function.

⧫ Ore: whether for building structures or manufacturing weapons and defenses, ore is necessary as the fundamental raw resource, and the ore’s chemical components are also vital industrial materials.

⧫ Spice: unique Galaxy-specific chemical that is needed for interplanetary travel and everyday use by planet aristocrats.

The three resource token types listed above all exist as Fungible Tokens (FT). Only if these materials are kept in planet storage tanks can energy be delivered.

When traded on DEX, resource tokens are subject to an 18% transaction tax, of which 7% will be immediately returned to the resource’s liquidity pool and the remaining 11% will be utilized to acquire $BNB as the development money to continue project operations.

Reserve Pool

Purpose of Reserve Pool

The majority of Crypto Galaxy’s earnings flows into the staking Reward Pool and is awarded to users who have staked the protocol governance token $BOX.

In addition, a portion of the money will be allocated to the Reserve Pool, which will be utilized for co-investment in other projects, resource integration, and creating a more flexible incentive and regulatory environment.

Initially, the Reserve Pool is regulated and distributed by the Crypto Galaxy core team, however this may change in the future.

Revenue Sources

The Reserve Pool has the following revenue sources:
➧ 20% of the income from Discover/Collision goes to the Reserve Pool
➧ 30% of the VIP Member program’s income goes to the Reserve Pool
➧ 20% of the 8% transaction royalties in the NFT Marketplace go to the Reserve Pool
➧ 80% of the $BOX consumed from building upgrades goes to the Reserve Pool
➧ Among the 18% $BOX transaction tax, 5% will be exchanged into $XVS, and 20% of which goes to the Reserve Pool
➧ The bidding amount paid in Galaxy Auction, after deducting the premium paid to the previous Galaxy Lord, 20% of the rest goes to Reserve Pool
➧ In the Star Challenge gameplay, 10% of the $BOX challenge fee goes to Reserve Pool, 40% to the Staking Reward Pool, 30% to the Galaxy Lord, and 20% to be burned.
➧ 30% of the staking exit fee goes to the Reserve Pool.

Some of the most successful events held by Crypto Galaxy

Crypto Galaxy INO: 750 Genesis Arrakis NFTs sold out

With the successful launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, an exciting space journey has begun. Crypto Galaxy has also made its initial stride with success. The INO has concluded with the sale of 750 Genesis Arrakis NFTs.

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Arrakis NFT INO is a unique drop from the NFT. INO participants can mine Crypto Galaxy’s native token $BOX by staking their Arrakis NFTs; the incentive is 2% of the total $BOX supply.

The $BOX transaction tax is 18%, of which 5% is added to LP on DEX and 5% is converted to XVS and contributed to the rewards pool. A further 4% is allocated for marketing, 3% goes to the inviter of the respective commander, and 1% is burnt.

Crypto Galaxy has always championed the spirit of fairness and open source and seeks to provide players with a more enjoyable and equitable gaming experience. Consequently, Crypto Galaxy did not establish a whitelist for the INO, and everyone may participate equally in this event.

The entire supply of Arrakis NFT collection is 1,000 items, 750 of which fell during the INO, which lasted three days from August 1st at 12:00 PM (UTC) to August 4th at 12:00 PM (UTC).

The remaining 250 will be used for initial marketing and the campaign to recruit liaison officers. There are still some NFTs remaining after the first marketing activity, it should be emphasized. These leftover NFTs will be staked to farm $BOX, and the returns will be distributed to the community and early backers.

If you are interested in purchasing and staking Arrakis NFT, go here.


Ten days of Arrakis NFT staking began on August 7 at 12:00 PM (UTC). To prevent missing the time frame and losing the chance to make the greatest use of Arrakis NFTs, NFT holders might authorize NFT and stake it beforehand.

They also created a liquidity pool of $BNB worth 50,000 USD to $BOX. Gamers might swap $BOX on DSG Swap before the NFT staking event begins.

DSG SWAP is the first DEX with which CG partners, providing them with the majority of their liquidity: dsgmetaverse.com/#/

Crypto Galaxy’s upcoming Warm-up events you can’t miss

After a lengthy interplanetary journey, they will soon arrive at their first destination! Have you read the instructions, assembled your team, and are you prepared to go on the expedition?

Interstellar travel is solitary, but in CG you may buy planets, construct factories that create resources, and utilize them to line up your armies to steal additional resources. There are an infinite number of possible combinations. We’re going to see the opening of the CG beta, where they will encourage their CG-loving friends to check it out, for example, by playing the game in a sandbox setting and assisting the team in catching bugs among the stars! Moreover, the team will recognize the commanders who have contributed to CG! Your efforts will be rewarded handsomely!

There will be two activities for you to participate in: Crypto Galaxy Beta Challenge and Galaxy Bugs Hunting. Let’s plunge in!

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How to participate?

The testnet event uses an invitation plus application system. The invitation part is targeted at the KOLs that Crypto Galaxy selects, and the application part is open to the community with two simply requirements:
➣ Step 1: Following Crypto Galaxy’s Twitter and join the community
➣ Step 2: RT the Event Announcement on Twitter and @ 3 friends!

Your applications will be reviewed by the team, and successful applicants may be asked to join the testnet event group. The available slots are restricted.

Participants may participate in both A and B.

➣ Application Form: forms.gle/gUCfFHdfnkef9fzY6

The Mod in CG will invite you to an internal group for testnet activities when you submit the form.

Event A — Crypto Galaxy Beta Challenge

Event Date: Sep 11–17, 2022

The Crypto Galaxy Challenge uses the BNB Chain testnet as its foundation. In the game, players may operate and fight at their discretion. And during the allotted period, the best-performing players under the following criteria will get NFT or BOX rewards:
⧫ Battle King: The number of victories gained by a player’s Planet Alliance (Top 10)
⧫ Galaxy Chaebol: Players received the most total prize value from the Staking Reward Pool (Top 10)
⧫ Master of Energy: Gamers with the greatest resource yield (Top 3 for each of the three resources, 9 winners in total)

Reward A: $BOX and NFT

● Battle King: First place will earn $BOX tokens worth $1000, second through fifth place will receive $BOX tokens worth $300, and sixth through tenth place will receive $BOX tokens worth $50.
● Galaxy Chaebol: First place will earn $BOX tokens worth $1000, second through fifth place will receive $BOX tokens worth $300, and sixth through tenth place will receive $BOX tokens worth $50.
● Energy Master: The best three resource producers for each resource will get three Planet Blind Box NFTs, for a total of nine.

All of the aforementioned awards will be given upon the launch of the game’s mainnet.

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Event B — Galaxy Bugs Hunting

During the testnet event, users may report issues and fixation recommendations in the special testnet TG group and in a prescribed format (for comparable problems or suggestions, the first relevant input is acceptable) to earn BOX tokens and qualify for the whitelist. In this event, a single user may earn an unlimited number of awards.

Reward B: NFT whitelist

Winners in the above categories will get a 50% discount on a set of five Planet Blind Boxes (whitelist). These sets are currently priced at 0.8 $BNB, 1. 5 $BNB in addition to 2.8 $BNB. Gamers may pick any one pricing level to purchase it with a 50% discount. Depending on the DOC, a portion of the whitelist users’ sales revenue will be allocated to the protocol’s Staking Reward Pool and Reserve Pool.

Note: Additional information on the event’s rules will be provided in the special testnet event group, and the announcement’s text shall prevail.

More Surprises

The Crypto Galaxy team is also seeking community MODs, content creators who will get compensation for their efforts.

Be the first to discover the in-game economy, product experience, and gameplay before the official release, and prepare for the Galaxy Wars in the future!

Official Links

Website: cryptogalaxybox.com/
Twitter: twitter.com/_CryptoGalaxy
Telegram: t.me/CryptoGalaxyGroup
Medium: medium.com/@_CryptoGalaxy
Doc: crypto-galaxy-1.gitbook.io/crypto-galaxy/

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