What is Battle of the Dapps by BSC News

Explaining what Battle of the Dapps is and how it works.

Battle of the Dapps Explained

BSC News has held a variety of events for the community, showcasing different projects who are contributing to the growth of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Web3, and blockchain technology in general. Out of these events, Battle of the Dapps (or BoD for short) is by far the most popular, which has led to it becoming a recurring event.

This article explains what Battle of the Dapps is, explains the rules of the event, and gives insight into its significance for BSC News and its audience.

How Battle of the Dapps Works

Battle of the Dapps is a tournament-style event that takes through Twitter Spaces on the official BSC News Twitter account. 9 projects in total compete in each iteration, all with different backgrounds and focus.

The tournament is held in a series of 4 rounds. The first three rounds see projects compete in randomly assigned groups of 3, with one project from each round (or group) advancing to the Grand Finale.

The Competition

The actual competition is information-driven; each project is asked a series of questions on 3 unique topics – community, security, and longevity. Projects are given 2 minutes to answer each question, with scoring weight given to the detail, strength, accuracy, and clarity of each response.

After the initial round of questions from the BSC News team, the competing projects also ask their own question to each of their competitors, making each round a total of 5 questions answered per project. At this point, BSC News opens a community poll that asks listeners to vote for the project they felt had the strongest responses to each question.

The Voting

Once each project has finished answering questions, the focus turns to the scoring. There are a total of 3 points that can be won: one point for winning the community vote, and two points from impartial judges selected by BSC News. This system ensures that if the community vote is compromised in any way, there can still be a fair result. Before announcing their vote, each judge is required to explain why they are voting for their selected project. In the case of a tie in points between all 3 projects, the judges will vote on who they believe should be the winner.

The winning project advances to the Grand Finale, which is identical to the original 3 but pits the winner from each group against each other. The project that comes away with the most points at the end of the Grand Finale is crowned King of the Dapps!

The Significance

Battle of the Dapps is significant because it brings heightened exposure to hardworking project teams and gives the community direct insight into the strength of each project. Hearing each project address longevity and security concerns help paint a picture of the future while also learning about how the project approaches its community.

Battle of the Dapps is held multiple times a year – stay tuned to our social media accounts to find out when the next King will be crowned!

Source : bsc.news

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