What happens when you combine auto-yield generation with NFT’s and gaming?

Yield farming has garnered a lot of interest in the last year or two, mainly because it allows crypto owners to risk their assets in exchange for actual rewards in short time frames. While the concept of profiting from one’s investment isn’t new, yield farming — where users may receive incentives for using a certain DeFi program — is primarily limited to the decentralized financial industry.

Non-fungible tokens, like yield farming, have been highly popular in recent years. This is because these cryptographic entities — whose values are explicitly connected to a specific object — are excellent for holding both physical and digital commodities like artwork, property titles, collectibles like CryptoKitties, and digital commodities like game skins, trading cards, and so on.


The notion of gamified yield farming with NFTs has the potential to transform all of that since it allows users to profit from any in-game item they possess. Not only that, depending on one’s skill level, gamers can possibly earn thousands of dollars for something they like doing on a regular basis.

Most well-known video game companies, such as Electronic Arts, Activision, and UbiSoft, follow a monetary maximization strategy, in which they aim to make as much money as possible with each title release. In this respect, it’s worth noting that the issue of microtransactions appears to have afflicted the whole gaming business over the previous 4–5 years, to the point that gamers are now needed to pay a tiny amount to unlock every tiny feature included in a variety of prominent gaming games, such as FIFA 2021, NBA 2k21, and so on.

The combination of auto-yield generation with NFT’s and gaming results in the game-changer token called Great Reset. 

The Binance Smart Chain NFT gamification platform, Great Reset, is a community-driven revolution. $RESET token holders may earn and trade unique NFTs, as well as get passive benefits on each transaction.


Q2 2021:

– Smart contract BEP-20

– $RESET Presale (via DXSale) 

– Trading on Pancakeswap

– Launch official website

– Community marketing (AMA, airdrops, ads)

– Token burn & locks (50% out of circulation)

– CoinGecko token listing

– Roadmap community launch

Q3 2021:

– Exchange (CEX/DEX) listings (Top 25)

– First monthly transparency report

– Marketing Asian community (China, Korea)

– Community voting mechanism 

– CoinMarketCap token listing

– First RESET NFT community contest

– Security audit (RESET BEP-721)

– Exchange partnerships (Trading contest, Farming etc)

Q4 2021: 

– First Great Reset NFT rewards (balance)

– Great Reset iOS wallet app (BEP-20 + BEP-721)

– NFT swap integration (NFT)

– Smart contract BEP-721 (NFT)

– Expanding more CEX Exchanges 

– Enhanced marketing campaign (agency) 

Q1 2022:

– Beta version of Great Reset NFT platform

– Dark Launch Greate Reset NFT platform

– Greate Reset platform invites

– Finalized product press release

– Final version of Great Reset NFT platform

– Launch on Apple AppStore/ Google PlayStore

The roadmap for Great Reset can be divided into 3 phases:

– Phase 1: The development team focuses on combining “Safemoon” type protocol/token with NFT’s. This phase is currently on-going and is scheduled to finish by the end of 2021. 

– Phase 2: The Great Reset NFT platform will be launched on AppStore and PlayStore for users to earn the special “Great Reset” NFT’s which can be traded and collected. Q1 2022 is set to dedicate to the development and launching of the app. 

– Phase 3: The promising game-changer Great Reset will be enhanced with the unique game where these NFT’s can be battled for, essentially they could earn RESET tokens by winning.


Within the DeFi ecosystem, $RESET was established to give its holders unique tokenomics. Their frictionless yield and liquidity creation system allows for passive rewards by just holding tokens and contributing to the LP. Their new NFT gamification platform will be built on the $RESET coin.

A ten percent charge will be charged to each trade, with five percent going to holders and five percent going to Pancakeswap LP. All remaining tokens are either burnt or held in vaults that are sealed in time.

On DXSale, a fair and secure pre launch will be held. For the next four years, all of the gathered BNB will be stored at Pancakeswap LP.

How to buy $RESET

$RESET tokens are now available on DXSale as a presale event, PancakeSwap and Binance Smart Chain. 


– The presale will be hosted on DXSale

– Presale link: dxsale.app/app/pages/defipresale?saleID=1900&chain=BSC

– Make sure you only transfer BNB to the wallets 


– PancakeSwap v2 is where you’ll be performing the swap of your current tokens to $RESET.

– Easy swap within 3 steps:

Step 1: Download a wallet or use your existing one. (Metamask or TrustWallet) 

Step 2: Go to the PancakeSwap Exchange to purchase $RESET tokens

Step 3: Adjust your slippage to a minimum of 12%, by clicking on the Settings icon in the upper right corner of your v2 app. 

Binance Smart Chain:

– PancakeSwap is a Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 token. Once $RESET has been listing on PancakeSwap, CEX listings will be put into the to-do list of development team.

Source : bscdaily

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