What are the Most Used Projects on Binance Smart Chain?

PancakeSwap continues to dominate the chain, but the health of Binance Smart Chain shows through the dog fight down in the rankings.

Pancake Heavy, Bottom Even

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) continues to show a healthy array of projects, from decentralized exchanges to the play-to-earn (GameFi) non-fungible token (NFT) games. Users are flocking to several projects and we’ve got your top five with the help of DappRadar.

In the top five rankings listed from DappRadar’s most used projects, there are two project types. We have two decentralized exchanges, with PancakeSwap and ApeSwap. The other three are GameFi projects: MoBoxCryptoBay, and CryptoBlades.

PancakeSwap continues to maintain complete hegemony over the entire system, but the bottom four are completely up for grabs. The list of projects two through four is definitely closer than it seems, as fluctuations happen fast across decentralized finance (DeFi). 

DappRadar tweeted the photo below on September 9th, with the unique emergence of LootCraft. The project appears to have been created this past week, and it has since fallen out of the top five, down to number sixteen. 


Weekly Top Five

The top five projects by users are clear through the past seven days. LootCraft is replaced by CryptoBlades at number five, and ApeSwap moves up above CryptoBay. 

These top five projects are the only ones with over 40,000 users on BSC. In comparison, the top projects on Ethereum and Polygon do not have as healthy user distributions as BSC. 

The two DEXes–PancakeSwap and ApeSwap– obviously have locked the most total volume. Users flock to exchanges to stake liquidity to earn rewards, the true essence of DeFi.

MoBox looks like the game of choice as users seem drawn to the lovable box creature arcade battle.CryptoBay still seems only to attract high rollers with its high entrance fees, while Cryptoblades has suffered a fall in favorability due to high gas fees. 

Details About the Top Five:


Type: DEX

7-day users: 1.25 Million

Token (Price, USD): CAKE (19.67)

Volume: $5.41 Billion USD


Type: GameFi

7-day users: 148,790

Token (Price, USD): MBOX (5.56)

Volume: $17.55 Million


Type: DEX

7-day users: 67,000

Token (Price, USD): BANANA (3.20)

Volume: $534.25 Million


Type: GameFi

7-day users: 51,450

Token (Price, USD): PEARL (0.1528)

Volume: $689.36


Type: GameFi

7-day users: 49,670

Token (Price, USD): SKILL (20.10)

Volume: $33,050

Binance Smart Chain has still yet to see a mighty NFT protocol emerge. BakerySwap has put out some solid collections, but the upcoming PancakeSwap Marketplace looks ready to shake-up the whole game.

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