What AMAChella Taught Us about the Future of NFTs on Binance Smart Chain

During the latest AMAChella at BSC.News we spoke with a number of projects taking NFTs to the next level on Binance Smart Chain. Here’s what we found out about the future of NFTs on BSC.

NFTs a Major Theme

The BSC.News AMAChella on Friday 17th strongly featured non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with no less than three projects utilizing NFTs in their overall vision. We spoke with Altura, a next-generation NFT platform for gaming; Dvision, a blockchain-based NFT metaverse; and RealFevr, an NFT collectibles platform that immortalizes soccer’s greatest moments.

The growth of NFTs was central to the event, and one of the ideas which drew excitement was that of ‘Smart NFTs.’ These NFTs can include dynamic properties, opening the door to NFTs that are no longer static and unchangeable.

“…we have launched our Phase 1 of Smart NFTs, which are NFTs that can dynamically change with outside events. This proof of concept has been shown with our NFT penguins that are located in different locations around the world. So based on the sunset and sunrise cycles, the penguins background will dynamically change,” said Maxim Sindall, Co-Founder of Altura.

Altura penguins chilling out at different times of day | Source

Sindall went on to explain potential use cases for this type of technology.

“Smart NFTs allow for a lot of creative functionality and use cases for NFTs such as having a trading card NFT adapt to the player that the trading card is based on.” 

Over time, Altura predicts that Smart NFTs could be improved, upgraded, and made more valuable over time.

The Dvision Metaverse

Dvision was another project we spoke to with a heavy focus on NFT technology. Dvision is building a meta-city, a metaverse with gaming, shopping, exhibitions, and even educational experiences. 

Within the Dvision metaverse, users can craft objects as NFTs and sell them at the NFT marketplace. It aims to be the marketplaces of marketplaces on the blockchain.

NFTs in Dvision can be anything from household objects and furniture to accessories and clothes. When questioned about the possibility of a bear market and how that might affect their metaverse, Dvision remained unfazed.

“Dvision has been in the market since 2019, and we have come to the market with a very long-term game plan, and no matter what’s the current situation in the market and what’s the sentiment for the overall market’s further direction, we are in the game with the primary goal in the mind of becoming the No.1 blockchain-based metaverse project,” said Brian, Head of Business Development at Dvision before adding, “Market performance has little to no relevance to our commitment to fulfilling our goals.”

Just browsing for some new threads at the Dvision NFT clothes market | Source

Besides the metaverse and the NFT marketplace that supports it, Dvision also offers virtual events and conference spaces too, providing another revenue stream for the company.


RealFevr is a soccer-based NFT collectibles project which joined the AMAChella to tell our community a bit more about their platform and concept. RealFevr allows users to collect their favorite footballing moments from top players in the game, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas, and Bruno Fernandes.

While attending the AMAChella, the company dropped a major announcement regarding a one-of-a-kind NFT that was to be part of the RealFevr collection.

The pack drop from RealFevr | Source

“Our 2nd Pack Drop will be at the end of this month and the unique, 1 of 1 NFT, will be Cristiano Ronaldo’s first-ever official goal, which he scored in 2003,” said Delfim Cascais, RealFevr’s Marketing Manager.

The announcement of a super rare NFT from RealFevr rounded off an exciting event for BSC.News and our community. With a number of exciting projects developing unique solutions on Binance Smart Chain, the future of NFTs on the network looks very bright indeed.

The AMAchella was full of more interesting information for all the participants. If you want to follow the AMAChella from the start, simply head to the BSCNews Telegram page.

Source : bsc.news

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