Whale Amasses a Staggering $187 Million in Bitcoin and Altcoins on Binance Within a Remarkable Three-Day Span: Insights from Lookonchain

Crypto Whale’s $187 Million Buying Spree

A crypto whale is making headlines for engaging in an extensive buying spree, acquiring over $180 million in digital assets within a matter of days.

According to the blockchain-tracking service Lookonchain, the deep-pocketed investor managed to accumulate approximately $187 million in cryptocurrencies over a three-day period. The acquired assets include Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), the native token of the Binance ecosystem, and Ethereum (ETH).

“It seems that a whale has accumulated ~$187 million in assets from Binance in the past three days, including:

  • 2,380 BTC ($90.64 million)
  • 172,000 BNB ($39.19 million)
  • 16,300 ETH ($33.61 million)
  • 200,000 SOL ($12.2 million)
  • 530 billion SHIB ($4.4 million)
  • 460 million IOST ($4.2 million)
  • 1.6 million MATIC ($1.22M)
  • 16 million CHZ ($1.16 million)

Lookonchain suggests that it appears the same whale had created the wallets back in June and withdrew a large number of assets from the crypto exchange Binance at that time.

“All three wallets were created on June 8th and withdrew assets from Binance at the same time. Probably the same whale.”

The on-chain tracking service also observes a substantial amount of stablecoin USDT being minted and flowing into crypto exchanges.

“Five billion USDT was minted on Tron and Ethereum in November. Where did all this minted USDT go?

On Ethereum, whale ‘0x1dBb’ received ~1.5 billion USDT from Tether Treasury and transferred it to exchanges.

On Tron, 2.56 billion USDT was transferred from Tether Treasury to Kraken via deposit address ‘TQef1n’.”

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