Wen Lambo, You Ask? Winlambo on Sunday


We’ve been working really hard for the past 12 days to push out this V2 Launch/Update! And it’s finally here!!

Some key infos for you to know! We…

Updated our token distributions. Now there are:

596.56M Tokens to be Airdropped (snapshot + presalers).

20M Tokens to be added to the Liquidity Pair when we launch.

150M Tokens to be burnt as we hit milestones, as originally planned.

233.44M Liquidity Disparity that can be used for strategic marketing integrations, or burns. More on this in a section at the end of the page.

2. Updated our reflections to include a marketing fund. This is going to be necessary for growth. The updated reflections are:

4% Lambo Fund (10% first day).

4% Daily Pot.

2% Reflection to holders.

2% Liquidity.

2% Marketing.

1% Dev.

3. Redesigned our website. It will be live on the main site soon! Here’s a sneak peek for now!

4. Updated the way the daily draw and the lambo draw happen, see this medium article for more details!

5. Made the Token Contract upgradeable! Now we won’t have to create a new token in case we need to change anything in the future.

6. Secured BNB at the low 300’s levels to re-add liquidity at the same price it was before contract dumped in V1.
-Listing price will be 0.000022 BNB / WINLAMBO
-Max Tx Limit will be 200,000 WINLAMBO tokens per transaction

7. Took a snapshot of all the holders on May 16 20:49 UTC . We will airdrop them their tokens right after liquidity is added in V2! See qualified accounts here.

Liquidity Disparity… what?

This refers to the number tokens that the contract had before it dumped the price in V1.The airdrop snapshot was taken after the contract dump, but we are returning the listing price to before the contract dumped.

If we wanted to be correct, we would give the contract these 148M tokens back. Then it would cash them out as people made transactions, and distribute them to the lambo fund, daily pot, marketing, etc.

However we don’t think that would be fair, since the contract already cashed these out once.Therefore, we are leaving them out of circulation. They can either be reserved for strategic marketing integrations in the future, or used for burns as we reach milestones.

Token Locker

We are going to use Unicrypt Lockers to hold onto the following tokens that were outlined above:

150M Token Burn.

233.44M Liquidity Disparity.

These will be held in the Unicrypt locker.

The Show Goes On!

We can’t express how excited the community is, and how excited we are, to get this show on the road!

Hang tight, strap on your seatbelts, and let’s get ready to blast this thing to the moon!

Countdown for launch: Friday May 28–16:00 UTC

The Lambo Fund is Full

The Lambo fund is full so that means this Sunday there will be a giveaway, as the Lambo fund has the required $210,000 already. With how fast the first $210,000 filled up, it’s looking like there will be a lot of Lambo’s given away. The giveaways are all verifiable on-chain and utilize Chainlink’s randomizer to keep the system fair.


WINLAMBO is beta software. Use at your own risk. WINLAMBO is not available to players in the United States. WINLAMBO is a Defi experiment. The WINLAMBO token carries no intrinsic financial value and does not pretend otherwise. WINLAMBO contracts have not been audited yet, however our team contributors and developers have made reasonable efforts to ensure the protocols integrity through rigorous testing and collaboration, as well as, by developing WINLAMBO using battle-tested code. Any person or entity who chooses to engage with the WINLAMBO and associated contracts are doing so completely at their own risk.

The WINLAMBO developmental roadmap aspirational and delivery (or non-delivery) of these objectives is entirely at the teams sole discretion. To facilitate faster development and improvements, the WINLAMBO team will remain anonymous in line with Defi industry practice. The WINLAMBO team and community will not be liable in any way for financial losses incurred due to your use of WINLAMBO platform or WINLAMBO token. Please perform your own due diligence and thorough research on WINLAMBO and the other protocols before taking any action.

Website: winlambo.fund
Telegram: t.me/winlambo_official
Contract Address: bscscan.com/address/0x6A79E08db6c08b8F88703794bF1a47f5a01eB9dC

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