Welcoming Back Battle of the Dapps

Meet the participants, sponsors, and everyone else involved in bringing this exciting event back to BSC News.

Battle of the Dapps Returns

BSC News is proud to bring back one of the most exciting events on BNB Chain in Battle of the Dapps!

In Battle of the Dapps, 9 projects on BNB Chain compete in a community-decided event to be crowned King of the Dapps. The 9 participants are divided into groups of 3, with one project from each group moving on to the final round. In our last event back in February, DinoX took home the crown, beating out tough competition to secure the victory. 

Meeting the Projects

If you don’t know who’s participating, check out the 9 competitors:

Group A: (Aug 10, 2022, 7pm UTC)




Group B: (Aug 15, 2022, 7pm UTC)

Infinity Skies


DG Pals

Group C: (Aug 19, 2022, 7pm UTC)

Ten Finance

Mogul Productions

XWG Games

By next month, one of these 9 projects will be basking in the glory of victory!

Thanking Our Sponsors

BSC News would like to extend its thanks to all sponsors who make Battle of the Dapps possible. The full list of sponsors can be found below:


MH Audits


MH Ventures

Stay tuned to the BSC News social media channels to get the latest updates on the event!

Source : bsc.news

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